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Outsourcing technical publications: why customers turn to ONEIL

We’re often contacted by publications managers who’ve found themselves in the weeds managing their organization’s technical publications initiatives. Often, they already have in-house personnel capable of creating some of the material, but they soon realize bandwidth is limited and they’re in over their heads when it comes to meeting quality, delivery, and– especially– compliance needs. Specification types vary by industry, but this scenario isn’t uncommon.

Take the defense sector, for example. Why do customers turn to ONEIL for help with their technical publications?

Finding experienced and qualified staff can be difficult, so ONEIL customers appreciate our robust team, expansive campus, and years of hands-on experience working with military equipment and personnel. We understand the impact and importance of quality content for the warfighter. Safety and quality will always be our primary focus when developing technical content and supporting mission-readiness in the field.

Building the necessary infrastructure to properly and efficiently produce technical publications takes time and money. Customers rely on ONEIL’s existing technology, software, licenses, and best-in-class information security standards to deliver the right product support information at the right time. Whether it’s in the form of a ready-to-use paper manual or an electronic environment, busy publications managers count on us to meet all quality and delivery criteria, allowing them to focus on other efforts.

Complying with DoD standards and specifications can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar with current requirements, but developing compliant product support information is part of the ONEIL mission. Customers know we have a reputation for meeting standards their own teams may inadvertently miss (sign up for our newsletter to read about some of the most commonly overlooked Mil-Specs!). We’ve even helped organizations whose previous strategic business partners unfortunately failed to meet requirements.

Across defense, aerospace, and commercial markets, we’ve seen it all… and we take pride in being the compliant choice. Get in touch to hear more about our unmatched product support experience.