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June 24

ONEIL Spotlight: Meet Andrea Stamas, keeper of the brand

Andrea_Stamas_at_deskMeet Andrea Stamas, director of marketing, brand, and communications for ONEIL. Andrea joined ONEIL in 2019 after spending nearly 20 years in global brand management at Teradata. While her career has routed her through many positions within the marketing communications function, Andrea began as a technical writer and editor – which gives her unique insight into our business as she directs a full spectrum of marketing initiatives for ONEIL.

At ONEIL, Andrea oversees the company’s brand and public reputation, so she stays busy with things like traditional and digital content management, brand positioning, and strategic messaging. She has deep experience with rebranding, which is exactly what positioned her to lead the recent ONEIL rebrand. Rebranding work is always a challenging and time-consuming process, but it quickly became more difficult when a global pandemic was tossed into the mix. So, while everyone sees an ONEIL rebrand that launched in June of 2021, Andrea actually began the process in September of 2019.

“While we could have done without the drama of a pandemic tossed into the mix, it afforded us time to ensure we got it right – and I believe we did,” says Andrea. “Now that the rebrand is public, we have plans to update materials, activate the brand with employees, and use it as a guidepost for the work we produce at ONEIL.”

Andrea is the first to admit that a brand shift can be difficult for everyone involved, but she also believes in the enormous potential this rebrand holds and the impact on the business. When ONEIL stands behind the brand promise of making information easy, it will positively impact every facet of the business. From new hire training, RFP processes, and customer service to project management, standard operating practices, and advertising decisions – everything will be filtered through one very important lens: Does this ____ make it easier?

Andrea counts herself fortunate to have ONEIL leadership in full support of the rebrand. She has remained in close communication with CEO Hernan Olivas and the executive leadership team for many months as elements of the messaging and positioning were developed.

“It has been so helpful to work with leaders who appreciate the value of becoming a brand-led organization,” says Andrea. “As forward-thinking visionaries, our leadership understands the significance of shifting our brand to remain relevant in a changing world while charting a path forward.”

To Andrea, the most exciting part of this entire project is that the brand launch represents the beginning of something new with potential to grow over time. It’s the kickoff to a new season for an established company, and the best is yet to come.

This blog is part of the  ONEIL Spotlight series, where we’re making it easy for you to meet the talented people of ONEIL. In this series, we’ll introduce you to our employee-owners and share about their role within the company. We’re honored to be surrounded by these team members each day, and we hope you’ll get the chance to meet our team in person, too!