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Manage your time, budget, and resources with our fully customizable
S1000D solutions and services on time, done right the first time.


In today’s world of specifications, documentation, and requirements, it’s not if you will be required to deliver on an S1000D project, it’s when will you be required to do so. Are you prepared? Do you have the expertise, time, and resources to manage such a project from the ground up?

Projects can range from simple efforts to convert existing documentation to more extensive ones that require the development of project requirements and business rules. These can be daunting and time-consuming for a company to manage independently.

Today, S1000D is often required to support a variety of deliverables ranging from military to commercial projects. You may find yourself embarking on projects that require you to develop or sustain S1000D in support of air, land, and sea platforms and equipment as well as buildings and installations.


  • MilitaryA key provider to the U.S. military with an extensive and growing history of S1000D development and support. Developed and delivered business rules for U.S. Air Force Technical Order Modernization Services (AF-TOMS) and conversion of data to support drone technology Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).
  • Commercial Strategic partner in supporting S1000D requirements for commercial aircraft platforms including Boeing (777X). ONEIL can help you overcome challenges with our S1000D expertise and by creating cost-effective templates. This ensures successful delivery and acceptance of your S1000D deliverables including Aircraft Maintenance Publications and Component Maintenance Publications (CMP).


No matter your situation, ONEIL can provide a solution to fit your needs. With over 75 years of experience, we create the highest-quality support products on the market. Our reputation is built on standards governed by our certified ISO 9001:2015-compliant processes that our customers require, and our own high standards. We get it right…the first time.

ONEIL has been authoring SGML and XML within a CMS since 1996. We leverage our extensive experience developing and sustaining products in compliance with S1000D to ensure a successful transition into S1000D. Whether you require conversion, authoring, training, or subject matter expertise, ONEIL has you covered.


ONEIL can convert your legacy data. ONEIL will:

  • Develop Data Module (DM) and Publication Module (PM) coding strategies to meet your requirements.
  • Use cost-saving techniques such as automatic script routines to streamline the conversion process.
  • Review the data to ensure consistency and develop project-level Business Rules Exchange (BREX).


Our expert technical writers, illustrators, analysts, and project leaders can implement any or all of your S1000D projects. From individual publications to an entire suite, ONEIL can:

  • Transform your source data to the highest-quality deliverables and meet your requirements.
  • Help develop DM coding strategies, create the Model Identification Code (MOI), Data Module Requirements Lists (DMRLs) and project-specific business rules.
  • Author, validate, publish, and maintain S1000D projects and publications to ensure compliance with S1000D.


ONEIL develops customized training to suit your needs. Our trainers can:

  • Help you understand which chapters of S1000D apply to you.
  • Provide training materials and programs to teach the critical information necessary to sustain your S1000D program.
  • Deliver training on-site.

S1000D Subject Matter Expertise

ONEIL experts have been helping develop and maintain the S1000D specification for years and can:

  • Help develop strategic plans for your S1000D implementation.
  • Identify specific coding strategies and program requirements.
  • Help guide the long-term sustainment of your product or program in S1000D.