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Whether you’re curious about our solutions, services, or working at ONEIL, you’ll find the most common questions and answers below. And if your question isn’t listed, we make it easy to contact our support staff for a quick and knowledgeable response directly from our Ohio headquarters. We’re known for our world-class customer support, and that begins with making sure you have all the info you need.

Two important reasons: our skilled staff and more than 70 years of unrivaled experience. We’ve built a team of experienced professionals from various military, mechanical, engineering, and technical backgrounds so each product we develop is backed by years of hands-on experience. As compliance specifications evolve, so do we. Our team regularly reviews and always adheres to updates in government and industry standards so our customers can rest assured their material is fully compliant. In fact, organizations often seek ONEIL expertise in compliance after unsuccessfully meeting standards on their own.


Absolutely. We’re proud to have earned ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system, demonstrating our commitment to protecting information assets as a low-risk partner for our customers.

We maintain a robust network environment and have implemented industry-recognized measures to protect your privacy as well as the integrity of your data. We continually host data and data solutions such as authoring environments, eCommerce sites, help desk sites, and others with best-in-class reliability and security safeguards in place. The data on our network is replicated securely, in real time, to an off-site cloud provider.

Our corporate data center is safeguarded via a raised floor with 15-ton Liebert cooling and accompanying standby unit, 50-kVA Liebert UPS and backup diesel generator, keycard-controlled secure access, automated FM-200 fire suppression and water detection system, and industry-standard Liebert server enclosures.

All servers at the corporate data center are replicated in near real-time to a major cloud provider. A continuous data protection framework allows application consistent data restoration from any 30-minute interval within a defined recovery period and historical snapshots of primary source data to be retrieved from long-term retention.

ONeCLOUD applications have SLA commitments for recovery time objectives of 36 hours or less and recovery point objectives of 60 minutes or less in the event of a disaster recovery operation (full or partial).

One of ONEIL’s most important benefits is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) retirement plan. Through it, all employees become beneficial owners of our company. The ESOP provides associates with a unique opportunity to directly benefit from all daily efforts serving our customers, providing quality products, and growing the company’s value. With an ESOP, we all succeed together. While the program contributes to individual wealth and success of the company, it also assures our customers that each employee-owner is a fundamental stakeholder in the quality and success of the work we produce each day.

We can do both. We have the on-site capacity to host verifications, as well as the ability to travel globally to customer locations, including government facilities. Members of our staff have security clearance, allowing us to travel to secure locations to perform this work.

We frequently take custody of customer equipment at our secure headquarters in Miamisburg, Ohio. Our 80,000 square-foot campus features a state-of-the-art, fully equipped, high-bay workshop to support equipment teardowns and verifications.


We use an open standards-based architecture so our ONeSOURCE products have an API layer that can become the point of integration. This allows you to bridge information from disparate systems and create an optimal product support environment.

Every organization faces unique challenges, so we use a broad baseline approach in ONeSOURCE products that includes a feature set that most organizations utilize. If you need new or specialized features, we can add those so that your system fits your environment in the best possible way.

If you want to maximize the ROI on your product support investment, ONEIL can assist in integrating ONeSOURCE products into your existing business and engineering processes.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Distribution
  • Order entry
  • Warehouse
  • Warranty
  • Help desk
  • Sales support
  • And a variety of others

Stuck with an expensive legacy or proprietary system? We are also adept with data imports, extracts, and conversions from other systems. Protecting your data is a primary focus for ONEIL, so we make certain it is always yours to use as you need without any proprietary entanglements.

You do. It is our policy that all source data and deliverables are owned by our client. While we maintain secure custody of the data during the project, we do not claim ownership at any point.