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At ONEIL, we understand the intricate demands of the aerospace industry, and we stand as the foremost provider of mission-critical product support materials. Our solutions not only cater to established sectors like commercial and military aviation, but are also adaptable to the emerging needs of the Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (EVTOL) market. Many of our solutions redefine industry standards for DoD agencies and the USAF. Experience a significant reduction in lifecycle acquisition and sustainment costs, as our meticulously crafted documentation not only meets but anticipates your requirements. Swiftly expedite documentation processes, incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence responses to ensure optimal outcomes and minimize product downtime. Our trusted and respected partnerships with the USAF and other DoD agencies attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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MILITARY AVIATION: Connecting information for a flightline of the future.

ONEIL’s ONeSOURCE Government technology can increase mission capability by swiftly expediting documentation requirements at the point of MX and Ops. Our solutions are GOTS designed to capture and transfer PMLi/MROi, servicing records, job orders, work control documents, and aircraft records after autonomous capture to the required USAF/DoD MX and business systems to ensure near real-time transfer of information at MX and Ops speed and mission tempo.

ONEIL ONeSOURCE Government software was built by DoD agencies to meet mission and digital transformation requirements by automating Operations, MX, and Logistics functions. Our product capabilities and services ultimately support artificial intelligence responses and outcomes that reduce product downtime and increase mission capability.

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COMMERCIAL AIRLINE: Pioneering Excellence in Commercial Aviation Support Solutions

For over 7 decades, ONEIL has been at the forefront of revolutionizing technical publications and product support for the commercial aviation industry. Our legacy of excellence spans since 1947, solidifying our position as a trusted authority in aerospace support solutions. ONEIL’s commitment to the commercial aviation sector is unwavering, delivering a comprehensive suite of product support materials that includes precision-engineered technical manuals, interactive and electronic schematics, maintenance guides, component software diagrams, and industry-leading training programs. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding the evolving demands of the aviation industry. From pioneering product support analysis to seamlessly executing legacy data conversion, ONEIL is your strategic partner for innovation and efficiency. Elevate your commercial aviation operations with ONEIL’s unmatched experience and commitment to excellence.

“ONEIL continues to provide excellent products and continues to display the leadership and technical expertise in the technical publications field that are head and shoulders above most DoD and industry publications houses.”

Task Order Manager


  • Compliance experts with specification requirements including S1000D™, S3000L, ATA, GAMA, and Mil-Spec.
  • Industry-leading expertise in developing IETMs, AMMs, CMMs, FIMs, Work Cards, TOs, TMs, and more. If it supports your product, we create it.
  • On-site capacity in our access-controlled, high-bay workshop facility to host and perform verification and validation of ground support equipment and other aviation components.
  • Direct industry and military experience for valuable hands-on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and engineering expertise.
  • Dedicated team to translate complex contractual specifications, engineering drawings, and other support data into easily accessible, user-friendly support materials.
  • Diverse experience including aircraft and componentry, ground support equipment, turbine/turboprop, unmanned systems, and navigation and communications systems.


Rooted in Dayton, Ohio, the cradle of flight, and near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, ONEIL has fueled aerospace progress for over 75 years. Founded by Larry E. O’Neil, an aerospace engineer, ONEIL’s legacy includes designing the Air Force’s universal tow bar and pioneering halon recharging stations. Today, our team boasts extensive military and commercial aviation expertise, carrying on Dayton’s rich aeronautical heritage. From the Wright Brothers’ first flight to the U-2’s groundbreaking recon missions, Dayton has always dared to innovate. And ONEIL is proud to be part of its soaring journey.

At ONEIL, our greatest strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our teams, a harmonious blend of veterans, mechanics, engineers, technical writers and illustrators, developers, and innovative thinkers. Each member brings a unique perspective, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and solutions evolve. The experience of our veterans adds a layer of discipline and precision, while mechanics bring hands-on insights crucial for real-world applications. Engineers contribute technical depth, and our technical writers and illustrators transform complex concepts into user-friendly documentation. Developers infuse technological advancements, and our innovative thinkers challenge the status quo, driving continuous improvement. This diverse synergy empowers us to create unparalleled solutions, knowledge models, and guided diagnostics unequaled in our industry. With ONEIL, you’re not just accessing a team; you’re gaining a collective force committed to excellence and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Find out how ONEIL can add immediate value and create a better product support solution that includes: user guides, operation manuals, maintenance repair manuals, illustrated and electronic parts catalogs, schematics, training, and even multi-media solutions to keep your fleet moving. Reduce downtime and service costs with higher quality, up-to-date information that keeps technicians more productive and safer on the job, and extends the life of your fleet.



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