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Author, publish, and deploy narrative content in real time.


ONePUBS is a CMS for technical documentation that enables you to take control of your technical data and streamline the delivery process. Easily deploy product support material that matches product configuration, even during change cycles. Content is delivered to the secure web, client, or print environment of your choice.

ONePUBS uses XML for standards-based content development, translation, and localization support, media management, and version control. This solution easily integrates with other ONeSOURCE content management modules and your existing business systems, too.

Better product support documentation leads to reduced costs and a more efficient process.


Maximizes technical data and optimizes production workflow with systematic management, tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

Complete system compatibility with proven processes and the ability to repurpose legacy data.

Interoperability with Enterprise Resource Planning systems reduces drain on engineering resources.

Streamlined publication processes resulting in reduced time from your technical and engineering staff.

Real-time updates for technical data are deployed to all stakeholders, even during change cycles.

Content is delivered to the secure web, client, or augmented or mixed reality environment of your choice.

Effectively reduces cost of developing and maintaining information over your entire product life cycle.

End user accessibility reduces your help desk traffic and overall warranty expense.