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State-of-the-Art Workshop Facilities

Modern, fully equipped facilities for detailed analysis and documentation.

In our ongoing quest to make product support information better, ONEIL invested in two high-bay “teardown” workshops. These facilities are designed to maintain separation of competitive products and enable ONEIL staff to have hands-on access to even the largest equipment our customers can send to us. At 30-feet high and 50-by-90 feet, there’s almost no equipment we can’t host in our workshops.

Specifically designed to allow our writers and customers to perform hands-on procedures and reviews, the workshops are located on our 16-acre campus next to the ONEIL headquarters building. The shops are secured by alarms and locked gates. Only those ONEIL employees who are authorized to access the workshop can do so during or after business hours. Personnel can assemble and disassemble equipment to gather information, develop accurate procedures, and take photos for a variety of documentation types. They can also be used for Government logistics presentations and verifications. In addition, the shops can be used for diagnostics and validation.

To ensure that personnel working in the shop have access to the materials and tools they need, the workshop is connected to the ONEIL computer network and has integrated telephone and security equipment. The same rigid cybersecurity and data protection standards used on our company network and systems are in use in the workshops.


  • Two 50-foot by 90-foot workshops
  • 80,000 square feet
  • 30-foot-high-ceilings
  • Heated
  • 10-ton overhead hoist/crane
  • All tools required to work on large heavy vehicles and equipment, as well as small electronic components
  • Test equipment needed to complete diagnostics on mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems and subsystems
  • Replacement parts and consumables, such as lubricants, seals, and oil
  • Safety and first aid equipment
  • Work areas for up to eight people, including desks, work tables, telephones, and office furniture and equipment

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our workshops. As a result, we have hosted equipment including buses, large trucks, variable reach forklifts, US Army Armored Security Vehicles (ASV), and a battlefield kitchen to name a few.

Enabling our staff to do hands-on work with your equipment helps us deliver on our promise to make your equipment safer to use, faster to repair, and easier to maintain. Because our writers are certified mechanics and former field technicians, many of our customers are willing to ship equipment to Dayton to be torn down and reassembled in the workshops, thus ensuring much more accurate and higher-quality procedures and documentation.

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