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May 4

ONEIL Names William Whistler as New Board Chairman

MIAMISBURG, OHIO, May 3, 2022— ONEIL & Associates (ONEIL), an employee-owned company that develops technical publications, training and related materials, today announced William Whistler as its new chairman of the board effective May 3.

CEO Hernan Olivas“We are honored for Bill to serve in this capacity,” said Hernan Olivas, president and chief executive officer for ONEIL. “Bill’s business acumen paired with his unique insights from a robust career in the construction industry are an asset to our business, and I am confident in his ability to lead the ONEIL board well.”

Whistler will lean into his 44 years of experience and leadership to guide the board as they create strategic plans that prepare ONEIL for a productive future. He will lead a 5-member board that provides unique insight to ONEIL across a wide variety of industries including commercial, aerospace and defense.

William Whistler“The future of ONEIL business is bright, and I look forward to this new opportunity,” said Whistler. “I know first-hand that successful boards put in the time, remain accessible and focus on the big picture to achieve business goals, and I hope to be an effective facilitator of ONEIL success.”

Whistler, former CEO of Shook Construction, began his career with the company in 1978 as a college freshman and worked his way up through the company eventually earning the role of chief executive officer. He is currently the chairman of the board for Shook Construction.

Whistler, an ONEIL board member since June 2021, replaces Joseph Bausman, who stepped down after a
two-year term as board chair to enjoy more time with family.

“We are incredibly thankful for Joe’s time as chairman. His many contributions made a lasting impact on our business, and we will continue to reap those benefits well into the future,” said Olivas.

For 75 years, ONEIL has been the most trusted resource for product support solutions to valuable equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to make equipment safer to use, faster to repair and easier to maintain. We make complex information easier to understand and apply to create a better user experience and improve business advantage for the Department of Defense, aerospace and commercial industries. Our essential work extends the life of valuable, mission-critical equipment and improves the human experience.

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