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Take control of your workflow process and systems.


ONeFLOW connects process and information systems seamlessly, providing automation, asset management, and stakeholder visibility across key functional areas. Having an integrated end-to-end process enables you to plan, track, and predict results more reliably, saving you time and money while maximizing your resources and putting them to use where it matters. Improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness by integrating systems and facilitating information exchange between otherwise disparate systems.

And, it’s secure. The ONeFLOW solution has been successfully deployed under the most stringent DoD security requirements.


Relevant process information is automatically captured, improving accuracy and enhancing data fidelity.

Complete system interoperability and data exchange in a secure environment.

Real-time asset visibility across functional systems and areas keeps operations running smoothly.

Automated, streamlined workflow processes result in reduced time requirements from your staff and increased efficiencies.

System-enforced adherence to doctrine reporting to gain valuable performance insight and demonstrate ROI.

Role-based access control for data storage, presentation, configuration control, and systems integration.