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June 12

ONEIL Inks Comprehensive Documentation Deal with Equipment and Engine Training Council

Miamisburg Co. Documents Reliable EV, Robotic and Autonomous Equipment Standards for Outdoor Power Equipment Association

Miamisburg, OHIO, June 12, 2024 – O’Neil & Associates, Inc. (ONEIL) today announced a new agreement with the Equipment and Engine Training Council (EETC) to develop comprehensive technical training materials for Electric Vehicle (EV), robotic, and autonomous lawn equipment as well as lithium batteries and Battery Management Systems (BMS). This deal helps ensure current and future power equipment technicians have the necessary knowledge, certification, and support required to work safely and efficiently in a dynamic and growing branch of the power equipment industry.

Starting in June, ONEIL will work with the EETC to disassemble, reference, and analyze equipment to create in-depth training and study guides for technicians. ONEIL will house and perform hands-on training validation for a variety of pieces of EV lawn and power equipment at its 80,000-square-foot facility in Miamisburg, Ohio.

“Technical documentation is what we do best, and it should be, as we’ve been doing it for over seven decades,” said Charles Truesdell, ONEIL Business Rep-Commercial. “Additionally, our team – many with extensive experience building and operating power equipment and heavy machinery as former mechanics and technicians – has a vested interest in helping EETC fulfill its mission of addressing the shortage of qualified technicians in an outdoor power equipment industry that is rapidly changing. Our ability to analyze, document, and prepare materials for EETC will help ensure the continued reliability and excellence of outdoor power equipment operators worldwide.”

Properly trained service technicians mean less equipment downtime and perceived technological shortcomings, as well as increased workplace safety when it comes to ushering in a new era of small power equipment.

“The power equipment industry is seeing a meteoric rise in EV, autonomous, and robotic applications,” said Erik Sides, Education Director for EETC. “That’s why it’s vitally important for service technicians to receive up-to-date, comprehensive support materials to ensure the safety and efficiency of the service technician, as well as the longevity and appropriate maintenance of this new equipment type.”


For more than 25 years, the EETC has been committed to providing its members with cutting edge education, certification, and accreditation to ensure technicians are able to increase their skills and knowledge in the power equipment industry. The organization has accomplished this by setting industry-agreed standards for classroom facilities, instructor qualifications, and competencies of subject matter.

For more than 75 years, ONEIL has been the most trusted resource for product support solutions to valuable equipment manufacturers. Our mission is to make equipment safer to use, faster to repair, and easier to maintain. We make complex information easier to understand and apply to create a better user experience and improve business advantage for the Department of Defense, aerospace, and commercial industries. Our essential work extends the life of valuable, mission-critical equipment and improves the human experience.
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