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Keeping our warfighters safe with world-class IETMs

For decades, we’ve produced all types of technical material, including an increasing number of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) for our customers in commercial, defense, and aerospace markets.

When developing IETMs, we prioritize keeping the end user safe and their equipment performing optimally. While this doctrine holds true regardless of industry, the defense arena comes with its own nuances we must carefully address to keep our warfighters safe. How do we do this? The key is easy interpretation of procedural steps accompanied with vivid graphics, animations, and interactive schematics, while keeping the different levels of warfighter Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), training, and experience in mind. This allows for quick access to useful information when it’s needed most.

What else does ONEIL do to deliver world-class IETMs to our warfighters?

→ IETMs are written to military specification and standards which ensures content is listed in an applicable and effective order. General warning summary, equipment description, and theory of operation are purposely ordered before procedural content to ensure the warfighter has information needed to familiarize themselves with equipment and systems. IETMs provide the warfighter quick content access, part information, and efficient procedural step-by-step instructions for operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting equipment.

→ IETMs identify potential personnel and equipment hazards, risks, and safety concerns in each work package. They contain warnings and cautions with visual icons and detail of the danger that must be acknowledged prior to the warfighter continuing to the next procedural step(s). Warnings and cautions are used reasonably to preserve their value and to avoid overuse.

→ Individual work packages contain information listed in an initial setup section providing the warfighter materials, parts, and tools needed to perform each task. Any other procedural tasks needed to be completed before beginning a task are listed in the initial setup as well. This allows the warfighter to prepare and ensure all items are accounted for prior to operating, maintaining, or troubleshooting equipment.

At ONEIL, many of our employees are military veterans, adding a wealth of field experience when creating IETMs that keep warfighters and military equipment safe. Learn more about our our technical manual development process and download the brochure for more information.