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ONEIL Awards Tony Fox Employee of the Year

Left: Jessica Schwartzmiller (head of Oshkosh office) and Center: Chris Mofield (Defense Business Unit Manager) present Right: Tony Fox with the Employee of the Year Award.

ONEIL is a land of opportunity – and Tony Fox can tell you all about it. His many successes as an employee-owner were recently recognized when he was named the ONEIL Employee of the Year for 2021.

Each year, ONEIL selects an exemplary employee who models the company’s core values of excellence, openness, responsibility, innovation, and leadership.

Tony is no stranger to this award…he also won it in 2006.

“This award was such a big surprise,” said Fox. “When it was announced, I felt so humbled because I feel like I’m just doing my job, but I guess others see things differently, and that’s what’s great about ONEIL – there are opportunities all over the place.”

We sat down with Tony to learn more about his career and the secret to his success.

  • Q: Briefly share about your career trajectory and what originally brought you to ONEIL.
    A:  I started with ONEIL on June 7, 1999, as a technical writer. I have worked in various positions taking on more responsibility through the years. I worked as a project lead, a project manager, then a program manager. I served as a site manager in Oshkosh for three years. Then, in 2018, I moved into business development, and I currently work as a business development representative for the U.S. Department of Defense. In my role, I seek out programs that the government is looking to fund, and I research the bidding companies to determine if ONEIL might be a good partner for them. I get to travel and assist companies who might be new to government contracting, and I like supporting companies as they navigate government requirements and deliverables.
  • Q: What do you enjoy most about your work at ONEIL?
    A: What I love about my work at ONEIL is that it is a constant challenge, and the work is never the same. And that’s still true after 23 years with the company! Before joining ONEIL, I worked at a large company and came up through the mechanical trade. I was an auto mechanic before that. In school, I was never strong in English, reading, or writing, but I have the ability to look at equipment and determine how to repair it. So, I’ve used the skills that the Lord has given me to learn and do the best that I can. In my current position, I can use what I know about mechanics and government requirements to engage people and help solve existing problems. I like that we always have the ability to learn something new.
  • Q: What motivates you to go above and beyond in your role?
    A: I’m motivated to do the best that I can for the people I work for and those that rely on me. Everyone faces challenges. Some are quick to overcome, and some are slower, but the objective is always to overcome, and that’s really the crux. I was not a business development or sales specialist, but when the opportunity presented itself, I had to overcome my own fears and challenges to do my job well. I’m driven to help people realize that there are no limitations.That said, my biggest motivation is my two daughters, Olivia and Amalia. The experiences I have at work and the things I learn at ONEIL have helped shape how I communicate with them and guide them in life as they face their own challenges.

One thing Tony stressed in our interview was that he has never felt alone in his work at ONEIL. “We support each other no matter what job I’ve ever done,” he said. “There are always long days, hard days, and easy days, but I’ve always felt supported.”

If you know Tony, then you know what a support he is to others. Thank you, Tony, for the work you do, the challenges you have overcome, and the obstacles you help others leap over each and every day. Congratulations on your well-deserved award!