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Product Overview

ONePARTS enables intelligent management, publishing and delivery of all your parts content.

Within ONePARTS you can author new manuals, parts lists, and catalogs, and then associate art files to parts lists and hotspotted illustrations. You can also link service manuals, multimedia, and other documents and files to parts content and use the content to help with troubleshooting and training.

  • Develop, maintain, and report your provisioning information
  • Author, manage, and publish your parts data
  • Enable e-commerce with online parts ordering and delivery
  • No per-seat licensing or end-user costs
  • Managed service level agreements to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction
  • You fully own the data within the database, with no proprietary hooks

Complete Parts Information Lifecycle Support

ONePARTS integrates the entire part information life cycle with tools for provisioning, authoring, warehousing, and publishing under a unified environment. ONePARTS supports industry standards on both ends of the user community, accepting a multitude of legacy parts database sets to simplify the migration effort and presentation standards for various mediums such as websites, hard copy manuals, mobile devices, and integration with intelligent and interactive manuals.

Intelligent management of all your parts content.

  • Author new manuals, parts lists, and catalogs
  • Manage your parts information in a master parts, central database
  • Associate art files to parts lists and hotspot illustrations
  • Link service manuals, multi-media, and other documents and files to parts content
  • Manage users and access to content with role-based control based on your business rules
  • Use your existing content to help with troubleshooting and training
  • Manage work assignments and workflow
  • Create a custom environment for all of your parts needs based on your needs

Intelligent management of all your parts information from provisioning to publication and e-commerce.

The ONEIL Experience

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


  • Long lead time to repair due to protracted fault isolation process.
  • High warranty costs due to incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary part replacement.
  • High demand on upper-tier technical and engineering resources due to complex fault isolation requirement.
  • Existing diagnostic tool is too generic and disconnected from the service information.
  • No ability to predict failures, leading to unexpected equipment down time.
  • No ability to collect and leverage diagnostic information to improve service and product performance.


  • A streamlined, integrated diagnostics solution yields fast and effective repairs.
  • Accurate diagnostics tools reduce your help-desk traffic and overall warranty expense.
  • Computer-based, automated testing enables technicians of all skill levels to reliably detect and isolate faults.
  • An integrated solution supports complete maintenance cycle from detection to validation.
  • Intrusive diagnostic capabilities enable transition from a reactive- to a predictive-maintenance doctrine.
  • Data and event evidence collection enable continual improvements for product and support information.
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