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August 18

ONEIL Employee-Owner of the Quarter Award: Q2 2021

Cliff Nuce Presented with Employee of the Quarter

ONEIL CEO Hernan Olivas presents winner, Cliff Nuce with the Employee of the Quarter award.

Senior Technical Writer, Cliff Nuce Receives ONEIL Employee-Owner of the Quarter Award

As a result of his diligent work on the T2HC project, Cliff Nuce is the winner of the Employee-Owner of the Quarter (EOQ) award for the second quarter of 2021. The EOQ award recognizes an employee-owner who demonstrates exceptional performance over the previous quarter, and we’re proud to recognize Cliff for his outstanding contributions.

“Cliff has been an integral part of the T2HC verification effort and the success of it to date,” said John Davis, project lead. “Cliff has been a non-stop team player in making sure everyone has what they need, whether it is his ONEIL teammates, management, Grove (customer), or the USG .”

Cliff joined ONEIL in 2007 and has been instrumental in several major projects over the years. Most recently, he has been a key player on the Army Type II Heavy Crane (T2HC) program. His extensive knowledge of the T2HC system has been invaluable in developing the system and helping others understand the complex parts involved in the project.

Throughout the T2HC verification process, Cliff donned a number of hats to advance the project. From ensuring accurate markups and aiding government personnel to troubleshooting potential problems and explaining the T2HC system to the USG, Cliff ensures the T2HC project continues to run smoothly.

“I can’t say enough about how integral Cliff has been to the T2HC verification effort,” said Matt Jones, Lead Technical Writer. “He has played a huge role in making this event as successful as it has been and making my day-to-day operations with the government that much easier.”

Cliff’s work ethic, performance, and support clearly represent the ONEIL values and make us proud to have him on our team. We are pleased to present Cliff with the much-deserved Employee-Owner of the Quarter award, and we thank him for the work he has done and continues to do.