Hyster-Yale Group

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Hyster-Yale Group (HYG) is a leading, globally-integrated, full-line lift truck manufacturer offering a broad array of solutions designed to meet the specific materials handling needs of customers’ applications. Over the course of two decades, ONEIL systems have made it possible for HYG to provide a consistent, consolidated, and integrated distribution point for their technical publication data through the Technical Reference Database (TRD) and Service Diagnostic Tool (SDT).


As a global manufacturer of lift trucks, Hyster Yale Group (HYG) needed a seamless way to update technical manuals into multiple target languages. While competitor solutions offered options to re-translate entire documents, and included costs for languages not currently supported, ONEIL was able to provide a better solution that reduced rework and limited the scope to what HYG actually needed.


3 Levels of Applicability

  • 4 product brands | 2 regions | 595 truck models

Narrative Publications

  • 3,555 narrative publications – service, operator, troubleshooting
  • 27,243 data modules
  • 6,109 data modules shared with two or more narrative publications
  • 94,989 media graphics
  • 30 languages setup for translation management services

Global Public Library

  • Software
    • 879,800 files
    • 121 GB of data
  • Publications
    • 243,000 configuration data files
    • 1.2 TB of data


A long-partnership has made ONEIL an integrated part of HYG’s technical data workflows. Currently, HYG uses several ONEIL solutions to make their data more accessible. They create content using the ONePUBS narrative module in Content Management System (CMS) to produce service and operator manuals, ONeMIND to create interactive troubleshooting tracks, and ONeVIEW for interactive schematics. Then, the consolidated content from each of these modules is made available to their global network of dealers and customers via the TRD.

The question HYG brought to ONEIL was, “How do we quickly translate this data across targeted languages?”

ONEIL had the answer. Translation memory and management make it possible to minimize translation costs while enabling fast provision of content in a variety of languages. Target languages are set for each publication, helping HYG avoid the costs of translating into untargeted languages. Rather than re-translate entire data sets, TRD also makes it possible to translate and release updates.

Technicians and other end-users access data using the ONeSOURCE display interface, simplifying the user experience with the ability to view all content for a selected model together in one view. Content can be filtered by brand and region, according to the end users’ selections.

To ensure accuracy, ONeSOURCE also gives users the ability to submit changes and correct errors. Feedback systems let the end user communicate any potential data error or omission to HYG for review.


ONEIL has made it possible for HYG to release updates to technical publications quickly and accurately across languages, while avoiding the costs of redundancy and rework. Now, changes can be pushed out in as little as a day, helping HYG to be more responsive to end users while improving content accuracy. ONEIL publishes on a yearly basis approximately 10,000 manuals parts, service, and operator manuals in required languages that total over 3 million new, revised, and reissued pages.