It all starts with your information. In addition to using our hands-on expertise to produce technically sound materials, ONEIL can also maximize the value of your data by applying our technology and software tools. We can provide solutions tailored to meet your specific product support needs in order to:

  • Improve sales by reinforcing your customer relationships through an excellent service experience.
  • Cut costs through meaningful reuse of data across training, marketing, manuals, and more.
  • Efficiently manage translations and reduce related expenses.
  • Save time and money with our proven ability to reduce help-desk traffic and warranty expenses.
  • Increase your revenue via easier parts sales.
  • Reduce the overall cost to develop and maintain information over your product life cycle.

Since 1947, We've Been Customer-Focused

ONEIL is experienced and innovative, constantly improving the quality of our products and services through technology. We draw from nearly 70 years of experience in delivering diverse solutions across multiple markets including commercial, aerospace, and military. We apply the right combination of process and technology solutions to fit your needs rather than requiring you to adapt your processes and business objectives to meet the capability of our solution.

  • We deliver on time.
  • Our technology solutions are mature and open to future growth.
  • We respect the confidentiality and importance of your data and assert no rights to it.

We actively pursue mutually beneficial partnerships that consistently realize long-term value to our clients. Many of our partnerships span decades and others are multiyear, evergreen agreements.

Our Mission

We develop high quality product support information and focus on maximizing its value to our customers, over the life cycle, by implementing technology to connect it to key business processes.

We are ethical, innovative, committed, agile, and cost effective, which allows us to build long-term relationships with customers and partners.

Why Choose Us?

Lacking accurate and complete publications or training results in increased warranty claims and dissatisfied customers. However, increasing the quality or quantity of product support information takes more time from your technical staff. Of course, you can hire more people, but it takes time to train them and staffing can be a problem as workload fluctuates.

Fortunately, working with ONEIL can eliminate these concerns. Consider the following:

  • You can provide your customers with technically sound, standards-compliant publications at the lowest total cost: Because we are experts in publications, product support, and are familiar with many related specifications across many industries, we can readily adapt to our client's requirements.
  • Your technical staff can focus on your products, rather than publications: ONEIL has a large team of subject matter experts, including over 150 technical writers with hands-on experience with equipment like yours, which will reduce the time required from your technical staff.
  • Your product support materials can help drive revenue: Enhancing your publications and other product support materials will provide your customers with a better experience, leading to higher new and repeat sales. What's more, better product support can also increase profitability through lower warranty costs and higher parts sales. Finally, selling the publications themselves can also boost income. In all of these ways, good product support materials can essentially pay for themselves.
  • You can maintain the lowest-risk approach to product support: Because ONEIL has been developing high-quality publications for nearly 70 years, we have robust, proven, ISO 9001: 2015 compliant development processes. We are also financially stable and will be around to support our clients for years to come.

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