Moving people, parts, and process forward to reduce downtime.


Consolidate legacy product support systems into one robust solution for greater business advantages. For over seventeen years, ONEIL has partnered with Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas (Logisnext), a technology-driven manufacturer offering scalable solutions from material handling to automation and extensive fleet support. In an effort to deliver product support content across an ever-expanding set of brands, models, users, part sources, and formats Logisnext turned to the information strategists at ONEIL to streamline complexity, reduce costs, and deliver a better user experience for dealers and field technicians.


  • 7 Product Brands
  • 9,482 Models
  • >110,000 Serial Numbers
  • 16,059 Data Modules
  • 28 Languages setup for translation management
  • 716 Interactive Schematics Sheets
  • 77,670 components
  • 14,153 circuits
  • 2,717 Parts Publications
  • 1,134484 Master Parts


Develop a product support strategy that links parts, service, and operation maintenance manual data together. With a host of services being utilized across seven brands, five geographic regions, and supporting three different user access types, the solution was to create a modernized ecosystem, improve the user experience, and save costs without sacrificing data integrity.

This transformative effort brings all Logisnext business units under one current publication system using the ONEIL ONeSOURCE suite of products to reduce parts order errors, increase user confidence, decrease returns and speed
up the repair process for the Logisnext lines of forklifts.

By having a global solution that filters content on display, the Logisnext group of companies can maximize content reuse, which greatly increases data consistency and accuracy while lowering costs to create and maintain product support assets.


Upon completion, this project impacts nearly every parts book, service manual, and schematic across seven brands of Logisnext manufactured equipment around the globe. “ONEIL is in the business of making information easier to understand, manage and access, and that’s exactly what this deal allows us to do for Logisnext,” said Armando Monzon, director of software development for ONEIL. “With a modernized approach to product support information, Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas will continue to Move The World Forward.”