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Introducing the senior leadership who set the standard at ONEIL.

Armando Monzon

Armando Monzon

Armando Monzon is the Director of Software Development at ONEIL. Armando is responsible for the technical execution of Commercial, Aerospace, and Defense Business Unit software products and technology solutions. Armando also directs Research and Development projects of emerging technologies sponsored by the Robert J. Heilman fellowship at Wright State University.

Armando has more than 20 years of deep and broad experience in software engineering, business system integration engineering, very large database architecture, and global software project and product management.

Armando graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and soon joined ONEIL as a Publications Specialist in ONEIL’s newly formed Technology Group. During his time at ONEIL, Mr. Monzon has been promoted to Database Engineer, Lead Database Engineer, and Commercial Software Development Manager. During his tenure at ONEIL, Mr. Monzon and his team have matured ONEIL’s technology offerings from ad-hoc publishing and custom web solutions to architecting a robust framework called ONeSOURCE. ONeSOURCE is the foundation for a suite of configurable products and SaaS solutions that are used to develop and deliver accessible and useful product support information to a global audience.

Armando is an advisory board member for the ONEIL Center for Research Communication at Wright State University.