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Put the right people on the job with end-to-end training support.


ONeTRAIN is the single solution to meet all your organization’s learning management system and certification needs, putting the required certifications in your workers’ hands while efficiently tracking learning paths and renewal periods. ONEIL’s secure, web-based LMS provides individualized, self-paced instruction for your learners while seamlessly integrating with existing business systems and cross-functional areas.

ONeTRAIN supports every aspect of online learning in a user-friendly and fully customizable framework for your employees, stakeholders, and customers while giving you robust certification search functionality and accountability via role-based access control.


SCORM, AICC, and S1000D™-compliant training products are supported, ensuring your workforce has the accurate and compliant information they need to perform at their best.

XML-based environment supports multilingual and localization requirements.

Real-time validation upon completion of skills assessment ensures instant visibility into certification status and metrics reporting.

Robust search functionality to quickly track and identify certifications and renewal periods.

Course, test, and survey development to meet end-to-end training and certification programs.

Role-based access control ensures the right people can access the right information at the right time.

Common nomenclature and course equivalency reduce user ramp-up time and support proficiency.