We used industry standards, best practices, and proven processes to yield an enterprise product support life cycle suite leveraging our domain expertise and technology from over 20 years to develop the ONeSOURCE product suite.


ONeSOURCE combines our decades of software development experience serving various industries to yield a robust, flexible, cost-effective suite that can meet your precise needs.

ONePUBSEnterprise Content Management System (CMS). Authoring, managing, publishing, and interactive delivery of your data for any industry.

ONePARTSParts Management and Delivery System. Serving logistics, parts management, and e-commerce to manage the supply chain.

ONeTRAINLearning Management and Delivery Suite (LMS). Providing online and instructor-led training options as well as supporting content development, management, and reporting needs.

ONeFLOWEnterprise Workflow Engine. Connecting your processes, systems, and events with complete traceability.

ONeVIEWIntelligent Interactive Diagram Management Suite and Viewer. Delivering electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic diagrams to the web, client, or CD/DVD.

ONeMINDKnowledge Management and Viewing Platform. Supporting automated, decision-based logic and delivery of appropriate technical information.

ONeTOOLDiagnostic Framework. Supporting dynamic and predictive maintenance and connecting that to the correct technical resolution for your equipment.

ONeCLOUDA True Service-Oriented Cloud Environment. Delivering the ONeSOURCE suite of tools to you and your user base.

The ONeSOURCE suite uses a modular approach that allows us to phase in the components you need when you need them. This allows us to focus on your worst pain points and critical requirements first, and still remain adaptable toward improving your product support program.

We use an open standards-based architecture so our ONeSOURCE products have an API layer that can become the point of integration. This allows you to bridge information from disparate systems and create an optimal product support environment.

Implementation Services and Systems Integrations

Every organization faces unique challenges, so we use a broad baseline approach in ONeSOURCE products which includes a feature set that most organizations utilize. If you need new or specialized features, we can add those so that your system fits your environment in the best possible way.

If you want to maximize the ROI on your product support investment, ONEIL can assist in integrating ONeSOURCE products to your existing business and engineering processes.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Distribution
  • Order Entry
  • Warehouse
  • Warranty
  • Help Desk
  • Sales Support
  • And a variety of others

Stuck with an expensive legacy or proprietary system? We are also adept with imports, extracts and conversions from other systems. Rest assured that ONEIL will protect your data, making certain it is always yours to use as you need without any proprietary entanglements.


ONEIL offers a modern and robust hosting infrastructure, along with flexible service-level agreements, providing your organization with the ultimate flexibility and cost-effective internet hosted applications and websites. Customers get what they want when they want it, without the headaches, capital expenditures, and additional personnel. ONeCLOUD features 99.95% availability, fast response times, and on-target SLA metrics which you can review 24/7. Our template-based solutions are quickly implemented and cost-effective because customers pay only to customize to their needs rather than developing an entire solution from scratch.

Network Architecture

  • Switched Ethernet LAN with core-to-edge topology providing dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth to the desktop and a high-speed 10Gbps backbone for servers.
  • Scalable, multi-fabric fiber-channel Storage Area Network (SAN) with 140+ TB capacity and redundant node interconnectivity.
  • Cloud-based server infrastructure including N+1 host redundancy, virtualized storage and automated provisioning.


  • Scale-On-Demand, fault-tolerant, 900-Mbps Internet connectivity.
  • Enterprise-class firewall cluster with multiple DMZ configuration.
  • Development, testing, staging and production tiers for all application components.
  • Network and application support staff available 24x7x365.
  • Regularly scheduled automated security scans using the latest known vulnerabilities and attack techniques.
  • Penetration testing performed by a qualified third party.

Corporate Data Center (Miamisburg, OH)

  • Raised floor with 15-ton Liebert cooling and accompanying standby unit.
  • 50-kVA Liebert UPS and backup diesel generator.
  • Keycard-controlled secure access.
  • Automated FM-200 fire suppression and water detection system.
  • Industry-standard Liebert server enclosures.

Colocated Data Center (Dayton, OH)

  • Redundant cooling.
  • Diesel-powered backup generators.
  • Keycard-controlled secure access.
  • Camera monitoring of the data center area.
  • Scale-On-Demand, fault-tolerant 1-Gbps Internet connectivity.

Disaster Recovery

  • All servers at the corporate data center are replicated in near real-time to the colocated data center.
  • A continuous data protection (CDP) framework allows application consistent data restoration from any 30-minute interval within a defined recovery period and historical snapshots of primary source data to be retrieved from long term retention.
  • ONeCLOUD applications have SLA commitments for recovery time objectives of 36 hours or less and recovery point objectives of 60 minutes or less in the event of a disaster recovery operation (full or partial).
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