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Product Overview

ONeTRAIN is a training solution framework configurable to meet your needs. ONeTRAIN can support the following objectives.

  • e-Learning
  • Instructor Lead Training Session Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Skills Assessment
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • Course/Test/Survey Development
  • Multi-Language Support

Deploying A Solution for Your Needs

ONeTRAIN can be deployed with standard configurations and/or scaled to accommodate additional functionality as needed. Additional modules can include; technical manual support (via a Content Management System), authoring tools, workflow and additional or customized administration tools.

The ONeTRAIN Learning Management System (LMS) will consist of the entire process life cycle for an e-learning system. Our system is a Web-based LMS with integrated e-learning delivery. Our enterprise LMS system provides:

  • A flexible framework to support all your learning and training initiatives
  • Course, survey, testing management, tracking, and reporting based on users and groups within the LMS
  • A rich reporting module giving flexible views to status, progress, trending, etc
  • Integrated tests, quizzes, surveys, and flexible question pooling options
  • Ability to integrate with other business systems, such as Human Resources Management System (HRMS) systems, as well as integration of varying course content
  • Timely modifications to course or survey content and certifications
  • Capability to share training information with technical manuals or share technical information with training when coupled with our ONePUBS management and delivery systems
  • Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) make sure that only the right people can access the right information at the right time
  • SCORM, AICC, and S1000D-compliant training products

ONeTRAIN offers a single solution to meet all your training information development and delivery needs. ONeTRAIN can integrate with ONePUBS to leverage training and technical data all at once.

The ONEIL Experience

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


  • Employees are not able to attend classes due to work-related obligations.
  • Large classrooms cause distractions and hinder comprehension.
  • Companies incur high costs related to travel and lost productivity.
  • Different class instructors result in inconsistent comprehension results.
  • LMS does not integrate with other internal business systems.


  • Provides individualized, self-paced instruction.
  • Allows flexible time, place, and privacy for training.
  • Reduce travel expenses and logistics.
  • Delivers standardized, consistent instruction.
  • Integrates with business processes and departmental systems.
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