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Product Overview

The ONeTOOL solution enables you to communicate with the controllers and sensor networks on the equipment and leverage diagnostic and performance information.

This information can be used for monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis. ONeTOOL encompasses three main maintenance doctrines; it is reactive, preventive, and predictive.

  • Non-proprietary architecture, based on industry standards
  • Modular, can be integrated with other solutions
  • Embedded and at-platform capable
  • Data capture and analysis:
    • DataStrip chart
    • DataSnapshot
    • Recording
    • Export
  • Reduced fault isolation cycles
  • Reduced non-evidence of failure
  • Reduced human error and warranty costs
  • Reduced training and skill requirements
  • Increased diagnosis accuracy

Enable Accurate, Fast, and Effective Repairs with a Reliable, Integrated Solution

By applying our diagnostics technology and tools, we maximize the effectiveness of your service activity by:

  • Accurately and effectively identifying the source of fault conditions
  • Integrating with the repair activity information
  • Capturing the results, so they may be analyzed and used for product and process improvement

Our modular, platform-agnostic solution is based on industry standards and can be used with any electronically controlled system or subsystem, including Built-In Test and Test Equipment (BIT/BITE).

The ONeTOOL framework is scalable and designed to interact with the rest of the ONeSOURCE solutions, which enables our clients to grow their capability in a short time and with the minimum investment.

ONeTOOL can reduce costs by effectively and efficiently isolating the cause of the fault condition, predicting equipment failure, capturing and leveraging failure data to dynamically adjust the isolation process, and providing valuable feedback to be used for training and service information improvements, which ultimately reduces equipment down time.

Augment your service tools with single-click, integrated diagnostic capability and automated data collection.

The ONEIL Experience

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


  • Long lead time to repair due to protracted fault isolation process.
  • High warranty costs due to incorrect diagnosis and unnecessary part replacement.
  • High demand on upper-tier technical and engineering resources due to complex fault isolation requirement.
  • Existing diagnostic tool is too generic and disconnected from the service information.
  • No ability to predict failures, leading to unexpected equipment down time.
  • No ability to collect and leverage diagnostic information to improve service and product performance.


  • A streamlined, integrated diagnostics solution yields fast and effective repairs.
  • Accurate diagnostics tools reduce your help-desk traffic and overall warranty expense.
  • Computer-based, automated testing enables technicians of all skill levels to reliably detect and isolate faults.
  • An integrated solution supports complete maintenance cycle, from detection to validation.
  • Intrusive diagnostic capabilities enable transition from a reactive- to a predictive-maintenance doctrine.
  • Data and event evidence collection enable continual improvements for product and support information.
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