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Product Overview

ONePUBS is a complete authoring, publishing, and interactive delivery platform for technical content.

  • Automated publishing to web, PDF, mobile, etc
  • Built-in workflow
  • Data portability
  • Version control
  • Translation management
  • Serial number specific presentation
  • Business system integration available
  • Cloud based hosting environment with 99.5% operational uptime guaranteed

Maximize the Value and Versatility of Your Data

By applying our technology and software tools, we maximize the value of your data, streamline the production, and enable flexible and interactive delivery of your publications to various media, including paper, web, mobile, and more. This will maximize data reuse and efficiently optimize your production workflow with systematic management, tracking, monitoring, and reporting. Our system utilizes XML for standards-based content development, multiple language support, graphics/media management, version control, workflow, and access for your team, based on the roles you define.

ONePUBS can reduce costs by effectively and efficiently reusing data across your technical publications, training, marketing materials, and other product support materials. It can also manage translation requirements, foster reduced help desk traffic, and facilitate easier parts sales - increasing revenue.

This long-term solution will reduce your overall cost of developing and maintaining information over your entire product life cycle with Return On Investment (ROI) metrics available to influence continued savings for the future.

The ONePUBS Solution base offers a complete and all-inclusive way to create, manage, publish, and deploy all of your technical publication needs.

The ONEIL Experience

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


  • Frequent customer calls due to incorrect or missing information in your technical manuals.
  • Your information and documentation systems are disjointed and data must be recreated.
  • Your customer's technical manual is too generic and/or does not match their equipment configuration.
  • Extensive drain on engineering and technical resources to support your publication processes.
  • IT challenges with providing your customers with web or mobile product support environments.
  • Engineering changes take too long to incorporate into all of your product support material.


  • Accurate technical manuals reduce your help-desk traffic and overall warranty expense.
  • Complete system interoperability with proven processes and the ability to reuse and/or repurpose existing data.
  • Interoperability with (ERP) and engineering systems creates serial-number-specific documentation.
  • Streamlined publication processes result in reduced time from your technical and engineering staff.
  • Your technical data and real-time updates are available via paper, web, client, and mobile distribution.
  • During change cycles, all affected content is updated once and deployed to all stakeholders immediately.
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