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Product Overview

The ONeMIND Suite offers a complete and all-inclusive way to build and deliver intelligent, decision-based logic for use in maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics, training, and more.

  • Provides intelligence and interactivity at the point of use
  • Reduces the possibility of human error
  • Offers flexible weighting/business rules to drive streamlined and dynamic display
  • Provides rich tracking, logging, and reporting
  • Supports symptom and system based fault isolation
  • Interacts with rest of ONeSOURCE solutions

Provide an Expert Advantage to All Users Performing Complex Tasks

Knowledge models can be used by service technicians to troubleshoot problems with equipment they are repairing. ONeMIND knowledge models are an organized collection of symptoms, tests and repair procedures associated with the equipment that respond dynamically to user during troubleshooting and fault isolation.

Utilize ONeMIND to develop and field knowledge models that will keep track of the success and failure of each procedure and then adjust the overall percentage of Probability so the next use will have a Qualified and Prioritized' list of recommended procedures. Additional weighting factors can be assigned to components based on key business rules, such as parts costs, availability, skill level of repair, etc., to further influence the decision process. Rich logging capabilities can pinpoint trends in your equipment, your technicians, and maintenance processes.

Delivery of ONeMIND knowledge models can also be used to deliver key training of complex processes and decisions to improve the skills of those who maintain, service, and support your equipment.

Dynamically adjust your maintenance process and logic to streamline troubleshooting and effectively and efficiently repair your equipment with ONeMIND. This can be coupled with our diagnostic tools to deliver a comprehensive diagnostic and delivery system.

The ONEIL Experience

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.


  • Equipment failures and down-time is costly to your organization or mission.
  • You need to grow your experts to ensure best practices with proper and accurate decisions for performance of necessary tasks.
  • You have key knowledge you want to share and want improved consistency in your maintenance activities.
  • You want to ensure that expert decisions and practices are made in the field every time and not just in a classroom session.
  • You want to influence the right events and decisions.
  • You want to benefit from ongoing trends and historical evidence to reduce costs and maximize value.


  • Uses past success and failure rates along with weighted attributes to compile the order and reduce both repair time and repair costs.
  • Captures intellectual capital as experienced field technicians develop those comprehensive lists of symptoms, possible solutions, past experience, and procedures.
  • Authors can build a library of symptoms, test, and repair procedures and relate those elements together for use by field service personnel.
  • Procedures have built-in logic based on Weighted attributes such as costs, time, availability of parts, help, or equipment required.
  • Learns from each use and adjusts likely scenarios. As time progresses, reliability rate of successful procedures increases.
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