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Introducing the senior leadership who set the standard at ONEIL.

Liz Wiesman

Liz Wiesman

As ONEIL Director of Human Resources, Liz Wiesman manages all aspects of the human resources department, ensuring the overall success of the human resource strategy for the organization. Ms. Wiesman plans, leads, directs, coordinates and enhances the organization’s human resources functions, ensuring legal compliance and alignment with the strategic mission.

Liz has deep experience in all aspects of the human resource function including recruiting, employee relations, compliance, benefits administration, compensation management, employee culture and strategic planning.

Prior to joining ONEIL in 2022, Liz spent more than 30 years in HR leadership roles for various companies in the staffing, finance, marketing, R&D, and technology industries.

Ms. Wiesman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Wright State University.

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