When you've been around as long as we have there's no need to name drop. Needless to say we have successfully helped organizations in a wide variety of market segments-and probably yours. At ONEIL, we create high-quality product support information by applying our decades of experience and standards based technology solutions to connect to your users and business systems. Product support information is not a sideline business unit - it is our absolute focus. We offer a complete range of services including technical writing, illustration, integrated logistics support, training, software product delivery, and support.


Partnering with ONEIL will minimize any drain on your valuable resources by using our proven expertise to create aerospace related product support.

  • LSA from design to end of life
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM)
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM)
  • Pilot Operating Handbooks
  • Commercial and Military Operation Manuals
  • Field and Depot Maintenance Manuals
  • System Schematic Manuals
  • Wiring Diagram Manuals
  • Temporary Revisions
  • Service Bulletins
  • Commercial Airline Manual Supplementation
  • Work Cards, FIMs, TOs
  • And more...
  • ONEIL technical writers have prior direct industry experience and/or prior military service, giving them valuable hands-on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and engineering knowledge.
  • Our staff has the skills and experience needed to interpret complex contractual specifications, engineering drawings, and other reports/data to produce high-quality product support materials.
  • Demonstrated experience across all aerospace areas including but not limited to: aircraft and componentry; ground support equipment; turbine, turboprop, and reciprocating power plants; and navigation/communications systems.
  • ONEIL leads the industry in the production on IETMs, legacy data conversion, specification compliance, and support of emerging initiatives such as the "S" Series data products, including S1000D and S3000L.
  • Intimate familiarity with S1000D, ATA, GAMA, and Mil-Spec requirements.


Our industrial clients rely on us to create timely, high-quality information to support their products. The spectrum of products we have supported during our 60+ years in the business extends from kitchen appliances to construction equipment, from lawn-mowing tractors to satellite communication systems. Without quality product information, the task or product support becomes much more difficult, more expensive, and more annoying to your customers!

Regardless of your need, ONEIL can customize the proper balance of capacity, expertise, and technology to meet the need. Some customers have only required our help to get through a difficult challenge, while others have chosen to outsource their publications effort to ONEIL and focus totally on their own core business.

  • Access to wealth of publication expertise and up-to-date industry knowledge.
  • Access to our large staff of writers, editors, illustrators, and other documentation specialists.
  • You can focus on your own job duties, knowing that your outsourced work is in the hands of reliable experts.
  • You'll get the efficiency of process improvements, workflow, and modern, technologically-appropriate software.


From tactical vehicles to SATCOM systems and from LSA to IETM/diagnostic systems, you get the lowest risk and highest value in a partner to support your DoD program. We work primarily as a subcontractor to many prime contractors in the DoD market. We also have a GSA contract for our services and are a named team member on several Omnibus and sustainment contracts.

Agency Contract Name Contract Number Prime Contractor
Booz Allen Hamilton
US Navy SEAPORT-e N00178-10-D-6213
USAF Hill AFB DESP II FA8222-05-D-0003
AES(and TQS)
GSA Professional Engineering
Services (PES)
GS-10F-0249W ONEIL
  • Access to wealth of publication expertise and up-to-date industry knowledge.
  • Long history of delivering high-quality DoD and prime contractor support on-schedule and according to appropriate Mil-Spec.
  • Over 40% of our associates have prior military service and know firsthand what service personnel need from their technical publications.
  • Technical Writers with an extensive mechanical, electrical, and engineering knowledge.
  • A dedicated Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) team used to support publication development and validation, as well as host government logistics demonstrations and verification.
  • We have converted hundreds of thousands of parts and DATM pages to reflect the Army's new two-level maintenance as part of the Logistics Modernization Program.

ONEIL continues to adapt to and transform with our military to support our warfighters worldwide. We do this by developing high-quality ILS documentation and analytics which reduce the logistics footprint and increase mission readiness in the field.

Our Experience Is Incredibly Diverse

Many of our customers are involved in the markets above, but we have also successfully served customers large and small in other areas like consumer, industrial, medical, transportation, energy, agriculture, and more.

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