Q: How much does it cost?

Our services are tailored to meet each client's need. We strive to make the value of what we deliver outweigh the cost involved. That is one of the reasons we have so many repeat customers. As you compare our cost to your internal costs, make sure you consider more than just the wages of your staff. For example, overhead expenses, the cost of technology, and opportunity costs are meaningful factors.

Q: How does what you do benefit me?

Product support isn't just about having an owner or repair manual or online helpdesk your customers can access. It's about creating a comprehensive and homogenous set of materials that can be used, and reused, across every area of your business and anywhere in the world that your customers live and work. It's about ensuring your customers have the best possible experience with your products, not only when they purchase them but through entire life cycle of the product. Effective product support means your customers spend more time contacting you to place new orders than they do asking for help with products that have ambiguous instructions.

Q: How does the process work?

Our process allows us to work efficiently with you to determine the right approach to create, manage, use and deliver your information for the maximum impact. We leverage your current investment in systems and technology by building bridges between your product support information and the systems that consume or utilize it. At each step we build in the right actions to ensure quality.

Q: How do you put all the pieces together?

The vast majority of our technical writers are former technicians. They're the people who've actually used and maintained the types of machines they're creating support materials for. Our award winning illustrators and production staff have state of the art tools and a wealth of experience and innovation skills. Product support materials are effectively targeted toward the intended audience. Every industry each has its own "language" and challenges. In today's global market, these challenges become even more daunting. Our experience, processes, tools, and technical savvy make these challenges manageable.

Q: Can you knock this out in a couple of weeks?

We'll work with you on a realistic timeline that ensures the best possible product while keeping your overall delivery deadlines in focus. Our capacity is proven but we also know that many things must be coordinated to ensure success. Examples are product introduction, legal review, training, and production cutting in/out, etc.

The bottom line is that we work with you in a hands-on and collaborative way to ensure the best possible return on your investment with us.

Q: Who owns the data after the project is completed?

You do. It is our policy that all source data and deliverables are owned by our client. While we may have custody of the data during the project we do not claim ownership at any point.

Q: Is my data safe in your hands?

Yes. We maintain a robust network environment and have implemented measures to protect your privacy as well as the integrity of your data. We continually host data and data solutions such as authoring environments, eCommerce sites, help desk sites, and others with best in class reliability and security safeguards in place. Our entire network is colocated and replicated near real-time as part of our disaster recovery plan.

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