ONEIL’s "Exceptional Quality" recognized at Harris Supply Chain Conference

In case you missed it on Business Insider, we recently visited the Harris Technology Center in beautiful Palm Bay, Florida, where we were presented the "Exceptional Quality" Supplier Award during the Harris Supply Chain Conference. ONEIL Director of Operations, Erik Shelton, shared his thoughts on behalf of the team:

"We're pleased to receive Harris' "Exceptional Quality" Supplier Award, as we've prided ourselves on superior strategic partnerships and delivering world class quality to our customers for more than 70 years. This award is a clear indication of our continued commitment to excellence, to Harris, and to our nation's Warfighters."

As Harris' strategic partner in the U.S. Army's Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) Program's Integrated Logistics Support and Products, we proudly develop Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) to support our troops with the mission-critical tools they depend on in the field. The IETMs we produce allow the user to easily interact with complex information- anytime, anywhere- when expedience and accuracy matter most.

It's easy to see why we're an authority in this domain: nearly 40% of our team has prior military experience and intimate understanding of the tools needed for mission readiness. Also easy to see: we're receiving a growing number of IETM requests from our customers.

The MET Program also announced ONEIL has maintained a zero-defect record with the Program since 2012, stating ONEIL "has been a great partner supporting a number of product lines over the years. Their continued support has allowed PdM WESS to provide quality technical documentation and training to the SATCOM Community at large. They have always been open to and willing to implement improvements when identified to improve support to the Warfighter."

Congrats on a job well done to each of the ONEIL team members who contributed to this effort and who continue to provide exceptional quality to our customers each day.

Pictured left to right: Electronic Systems Supply Chain Senior Director Carrie Eubanks, ONEIL Program Manager Mike Grammer, ONEIL Director of Operations Erik Shelton, Electronic Systems Vice President of Operations Robert Kirsch.

Solve these 3 problems (and more) when you integrate interactive parts manuals

Keeping accurate, updated parts documentation on long-life equipment is a never-ending task. Part models and vendors change frequently, rendering your material outdated and virtually useless when it's needed most. During inevitable equipment failure, how can your team efficiently identify and replace the parts they need to get back in gear?

After properly troubleshooting the issue, your mechanics are tasked with getting replacement parts in-hand right away. Lead time matters, and you need a streamlined solution to simplify the process for your field technicians, help desk personnel, dealers, and procurement teams.

Meet ONEIL's ONePARTS™ parts management and delivery system, serving logistics, parts management, and e-Commerce to manage your supply chain:
  • Interactive, user-friendly, and accessible remotely.
  • Compatible with your eCommerce or ERP system to facilitate easy ordering.
  • Decrease equipment downtime while driving after market part sales.

When you partner with ONEIL to integrate an interactive parts manual, your entire organization benefits. With infrastructure that allows your techs to self-serve anytime, anywhere, they're less likely to need the support of help desk personnel who could put lead times at risk by providing outdated information. Handle times decrease, diagnostic information is captured to help predict future failures, and warranty costs are reduced as unnecessary part replacements become a thing of the past.

Our customers tell us interactive parts manuals are a game-changer in streamlining operations and keeping the end customer happy. Whether you're managing a fleet of motor coaches or aircraft, our team of technical illustrators and industry experts puts the right information in the right hands at the right time. It's what we do best.

ONEIL's ONePARTS interactive parts data management and delivery system has no per-seat licensing or end-user costs. No hooks, just solutions. Contact our experts to learn how this tool can put your business in the fast lane.

Experts in aerospace product support: ONEIL to host breakfast briefing

We're thrilled to announce our plans to host our first-ever breakfast briefing on Thursday, August 30, at our Miamisburg, Ohio, headquarters. Themed "Trends in Aerospace Product Support," ONEIL CEO Hernan Olivas will discuss emerging topics in aerospace product support such as changes to the landscape and AR/VR's role in end user consumption. Guests will be treated to complimentary breakfast as well as the opportunity to network with peers in the industry.

"We believe this is an important event for ONEIL and the aerospace community. As leaders in product support, we're proud to share key insights and trends we're seeing in the way we support our aerospace customers." - John Mayes, ONEIL Aerospace Business Unit Manager

Our customers know we're the best at what we do. We've been in the product support business for more than 70 years, serving aerospace, commercial, and defense markets. Because of our rich history and expertise in the field, we're proud to partner with the Ohio Aerospace Institute to present this event free of charge. Regional aerospace professionals are encouraged to attend.

Registration is required for the breakfast briefing and space is limited... find more details and register now!

From Dayton to Orlando, ONEIL has a busy summer ahead

We got our start in the Dayton region in 1947 and have been proud to call the area "home" ever since. While product support will always be our core business, we're also in the business of collaboration, which means we invest a lot of time into relationships old and new. Whether we're meeting with partners in the Dayton area or boarding a plane to Oklahoma, our customers know they can rely on us for unmatched service and support.

July 9-14: APSCON 2018, Louisville, KY APSCON (Advancing Public Safety Aviation Conference) sets the standard for excellence in public safety aviation. Presented by Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA), we're looking forward to conference sessions, exhibitions, and social events with our aerospace peers.

July 17-19: The Wright Dialogue with Industry Dayton, OH We're right at home in the Birthplace of Aviation! Hosted by DaytonDefense, this 3-day event offers comprehensive presentations, panels, and individual sessions related to aerospace research and development.

August 14-16: Tinker and the Primes, Midwest City, OK Over the past 12 years, Tinker and the Primes has developed a reputation for attracting hundreds of aerospace, defense, and government contracting businesses and organizations. Tinker and the Primes provides information, education, and access to business opportunities during this 3-day event.

August 15: UAS Midwest, Dayton, OH Back on our home turf, this year's UAS Midwest will assist with strategically supporting each of our goals towards enhancing this dynamic growth sector. The event includes networking, project updates, and industry research insights.

August 18-21: ACPC, Orlando, FL Dubbed "the most productive aviation conference worldwide," this conference provides both a professional and social agenda, giving each attendee the opportunity to develop relationships and gain insight to support everyday business decisions.

No matter where our travels take us, ONEIL's Dayton-based team is at its best when building relationships. Take a look at where we'll be in 2018 and let us know if you'd like us to make a pit stop in your neck of the woods. We'd love to grab a coffee and tell you how our product support solutions can solve your biggest pain points!

Increase productivity, reduce cost by (properly) troubleshooting downtime in the first place

Unscheduled downtime is one of the biggest challenges fleet managers face. Equipment failure, maintenance, and staffing issues all contribute to lost revenue as the clock ticks. And chances are, you're underestimating the cost of downtime to your organization's bottom line.

Speedy repair is critical for getting back on the road, but what if the problem wasn't diagnosed properly to begin with?

Human troubleshooting yields inconsistent results. Even with similar training, your mechanics likely take unique approaches to problem-solving. You want to ensure decisions are made using streamlined methodology, regardless of potential gaps in knowledge or experience. You wonder if troubleshooting procedures could be shared in a knowledge base to promote consistency in maintenance activities.

A retiring generation is taking industry knowledge with them. Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day, leaving your team with unprecedented generational turnover and decades of lost tribal knowledge. Leaders are not only tasked with replacing a retiring workforce but onboarding incoming personnel to dependably maintain and service the fleet. You want a way to streamline – or better yet, automate – troubleshooting protocol.

Historical data is often lost or underreported. Instead of being dismissed as bygones, your team's historical insights should be considered in planning and reporting. Guiding the troubleshooting path is especially important when working with long-life, mission-critical equipment whose downtime directly impacts your customers. You need a field knowledge model with rich logging capabilities to capture, pinpoint, and even engineer design improvements.

Fortunately, decision-based troubleshooting logic exists. It's possible to reduce the potential for human error, leverage historical data, and deliver intelligence and interactivity at the point of use, all while reducing downtime and expense. ONEIL'S ONeMIND Suite solves costly pain points by:

  • Building a library of symptoms and repairs and connecting those elements together to support field technicians
  • Continuously learning and adjusting probable scenarios, increasing reliability rate over time
  • Capturing intellectual capital as field technicians develop comprehensive lists of symptoms, possible solutions, and procedures
  • Leveraging built-in logic based on weighted attributes such as costs, time, availability of parts, help, or equipment required for each procedure

What's more, ONeMIND can be paired with our other diagnostic tools to deliver a comprehensive diagnostic and delivery system. Contact the ONEIL pros to learn how our suite of solutions can set you miles ahead of your competition.

Join ONEIL in congratulating Miamisburg senior Bailey Cook!

The ONEIL team is proud to have awarded its largest-ever scholarship to local high school senior Bailey Cook. Presented at Miamisburg High School's Senior Awards Night, our own Troy Kaper awarded Bailey with the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship in the amount of $3,000.

"We are pleased to present Bailey with the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship, as we're confident she'll continue to succeed in her educational endeavors," said Kaper.

Named after our company founder, the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship is awarded each year to a local student who demonstrates community involvement and strong academic achievement, and is highly recommended by academic leaders. Selecting a winner from a pool of qualified applicants was a tough choice for ONEIL's Helping Hands Committee, who organizes the scholarship along with other community service initiatives.

"ONEIL is proud to serve the Miamisburg community. The Helping Hands Committee looks forward to upcoming initiatives as part of our mission to support our neighbors, including the continuation of this scholarship, as well as our Adopt-a-Family and Back to School Shoes programs," Kaper continued.

While Bailey hasn't yet decided which university she'll be attending, she intends to remain in Ohio and major in media arts. The ONEIL team wishes her all the best as she furthers her education!

We encourage students interested in applying for the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship in 2019 to watch our blog and our Facebook page for details to come.

Step one in supporting mission readiness: the right technical training

What makes a product launch successful? Even with flawless design and innovative purpose, your product is only as good as the end user's ability to understand and use it effectively. In both commercial and Defense initiatives, proficient technical training is critical to mission success. But what if your organization lacks bandwidth?

"Cost, enabling core business functions, and solving capacity issues are primary drivers to outsource. Leading practice organizations use outsourcing to drive transformational change and improve business results." Source: Deloitte, Global Outsourcing Survey

Relying on a strategic business partner can be an effective solution for various reasons, but keep in mind, not all partner prospects offer the same level of value and expertise. Understanding your potential partner's approach to training can prevent problems down the line... inefficient processes, inaccurate material, or lack of industry knowledge to name a few.

With more than 40 years of experience developing adult training programs—a natural extension of our core product support services—ONEIL knows a thing or two about successful training approach.

Your training partner should have proven, hands-on experience in the market you serve. For example, the majority of ONEIL's training team are former instructors in the military and have security clearance, making us a clear leader in DoD contract vehicle training. We're so confident in our expertise that we guarantee Government acceptance of our support and training materials.

Is your training partner also a respected leader in technical documentation? It's most practical to build training material alongside supporting source material to ensure accuracy and efficiency. This is particularly true in the Defense industry, as Government regulations prohibit equipment from going out in the field until the accompanying training package is completed and approved. Look to an expert in both domains.

Does your training partner take a one-size-fits-all approach? ONEIL doesn't. When building a custom training program, we believe it's crucial to tailor material to the learners' abilities and experiences. The overall design should be easy-to-understand, promote retention, and be applicable to the learner's primary function.

ONEIL has traveled to remote locations across the world to conduct on-site training. We're particularly experienced with training military personnel and creating materials that adhere to Mil-Spec standards. If you prefer to keep instructor-led training in-house, we can prepare the materials and train your instructors. Contact us to talk about our multi-faceted approach to training.

So, what's the big deal about ONEIL earning ISO 27001 certification?

The ONEIL team is proud to have earned ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system (ISMS). This is yet another point of celebration in our commitment to protecting internal infrastructure while providing customers with the best-in-class information security standards they've come to expect from ONEIL.

What is ISO 27001?
As an International Standard established by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 27001 sets forth a risk-based approach that focuses on adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets while instilling confidence in interested parties. Certified by Schellman & Company, LLC, the details of our ISMS certification are publicly available.

Why does this certification matter to ONEIL customers?
Information security has always been, and always will be, top-of-mind for ONEIL. Earning the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification for our ISMS is more than just another accolade for us. For our customers, this certification is a key differentiator when seeking low-risk partnership. For ONEIL, it further demonstrates the high bar we've set in serving sensitive industries such as technology, aerospace, and defense.

Yes, we set the bar.

ONEIL has had unparalleled commitment to our customers for more than 70 years. We'd love to share even more bragging rights with you! Contact us here or at 937-865-0800.

ONEIL Receives Excellence in Network Security Award for Second Consecutive Year

Securing sensitive information in the days of hard-hitting data breaches and sophisticated hacking technique is a never-ending feat. Organizations of every size and type are feeling the burden of proactively mitigating network vulnerabilities and protecting assets from potential threats. How does ONEIL continue to exceed security standards?

Regular (and repetitive) scanning to ensure patches are working as intended is the foundation of data security. As ONEIL's Chief Information Officer, Dave Stackhouse, describes, "Sisyphus, according to Greek mythology, was forced for eternity to push a boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down when it neared the top. That is the story of patch and vulnerability management."

"Protecting our customer's information is critically important, so we work
diligently to secure our infrastructure." - Dave Stackhouse

For the second consecutive year, ONEIL has been recognized as a recipient of the Excellence in Network Security Award by Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a trusted provider of security risk assessment solutions. What's more, ONEIL was 2017's highest-ranking organization of any size aside from financial institutions. The team is accustomed to security standards recognition, boasting the following DDI track record:

• 2017 Excellence in Network Security (Top 2%)
• 2016 Excellence in Network Security (Top 2%)
• 2015 Honorable Mention

We proudly attribute our continued success to sound decision-making, aggressive security protocol, and a committed team who recognizes the importance of data security for ONEIL and our customers. We draw from more than 70 years of experience in applying technology solutions across multiple markets, including commercial, aerospace, and defense. Learn more about ONEIL and why our customers choose us.

Tradeshow season is in full swing. Here's how to keep up with ONEIL in 2018!

Since 1947, ONEIL has been at home in nearly every industry. Need a few examples?

- In aerospace, we're leaders in IETMs, specification compliance, S1000D™, and more.

- Our commercial clients rely on our technical publication expertise and up-to-date industry knowledge to support their products.

- We provide our partners in defense with a long history of delivering the lowest-risk, highest-quality DoD support in accordance with appropriate Mil-Spec.

- Product support is at the core of our business, with our technology suite offering solutions for creating, managing, and delivering technical information.

And much more.

So how does ONEIL remain on top of these (and other) domains? By joining Government, industry, and academia partners at nationwide conferences and expos, we're afforded key insights from respected experts, visibility to market trends, and the opportunity to closely examine customer pain points. The result? A team of elite, customer-focused experts. You can find us at the following events in April 2018. Be sure to stop by the ONEIL booth and say hello!

April 9-11: Sea-Air-Space National Harbor, MD

April 11-12: Marine South Camp Lejeune, NC

April 24-26:AIA Product Support & Tech Data Workshop Oklahoma City, OK

April 25-26: MDEX- Michigan Defense Expo Warren, MI

April 25-27: AAAA Mission Solutions Summit Nashville, TN

From Camp Lejeune to Oklahoma City, the ONEIL team looks forward to meeting you! Keep an eye on our travel plans on our Events Page and LinkedIn.

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