Q&A: Working with an experienced Logistics Support Analysis partner

Heavy equipment manufacturers know most of their equipment's lifetime cost is incurred after it's fielded. Scheduled maintenance, repair tasks, manpower, and other requirements should be well-defined and properly analyzed from the beginning to get the most value over its lifecycle and realize true return on investment.

Successful Logistics Support Analysis takes a structured approach in defining, analyzing, and quantifying maintenance and support requirements to optimize equipment performance. At ONEIL, our dedicated team of Logistics Support Managers work with military and civil customers to ensure their mission-critical equipment is safe, reliable, and properly maintained from early concept to end of life. We sat down with Paul Marx, ONEIL Logistics Support Manager, to discuss this process and the value he and his team bring to our customers each day.

As Logistics Support Manager, you help ONEIL customers save time and money. What types of research and analysis do you perform to help them get the most out of long-life equipment?

Product Support Analysis (PSA), formerly Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), involves research of nearly every aspect of equipment that needs maintenance support throughout its useful life. I most frequently perform Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) which is a software-supported algorithm and reporting tool that determines the most cost-effective level of maintenance where the repair of equipment should occur.

The LORA provides insight to customers, allowing them to make budgetary and future equipment and facility decisions for a projected number of years. The LORA is also a tool used to gain political budgetary allocations for new equipment and support for the life cycle costs of the equipment. With some information about the equipment entered into the software, algorithms are run that produce tangible reports and repair-level decisions. A human can then make an "informed" decision.

In line with the LORA, often a Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) is developed to assist maintenance writers with a set of known tasks to be written and to give the end user of the manual the ability to see what tasks they will perform on a given piece of equipment. This report is often a section within a maintenance manual and can change over time.

A third product of analysis and one that goes hand-in-hand with the MAC is a Maintenance Analysis (MA). Typically a spreadsheet, this report is a one-stop place to see the overall PSA that has been performed throughout the logistics analysis process. This report usually contains equipment component parts information, who can repair it, how long it should take, tools needed, failure information, cost, and reflects what PSA was performed.

All three of these PSA processes are living documents that can morph as equipment conditions, age, history, usage, and geographic location change. For that reason, analyses are repeated every few years during the life cycle of the equipment. These reports often go from "Predictive" in nature to "Measured" analysis and become more accurate over time.

How does Product Support Analysis contribute to customer success?

PSA is critical to the success of a customer in that decisions on the cost of maintaining a piece of equipment for many years can be made early on. These decisions can be made while the equipment is still in development and the manufacturing phases of a life cycle. The PSA on a piece of equipment can lend insight into what support equipment will be needed, what facilities will be needed to repair it, personnel requirements, their level of training, and on and on. With that in mind, a piece of equipment may be designed slightly differently based on knowledge that a trained workforce and facilities are already in place for it, and that means cost savings for everyone.

How do end users benefit from Product Support Analysis?

PSA is a means to see into the future and know what you and taxpayers will spend to keep equipment working and performing at its best. Engineers and manufacturers can pre-plan much of what they're doing based on solid historical evidence of similar types of equipment and the analysis of its performance. This can be significant cost savings to manufacturers and taxpayers. Any project that realizes cost savings in both areas can be sure of future work coming in the door.

What does a successful Product Support Analysis program look like?

A solid PSA program reaches out to get analyses done at the most thorough level based on the complexity of the equipment and the length of time its use is anticipated. With a solid team of people and many years' experience in maintenance of equipment at ONEIL, the best and most cost-effective way is often already known. In a nutshell, a simple piece of equipment may not need as much analysis to know how it will perform, but the more a customer invests in its engineering and development, the more important PSA becomes.

Realization of the cost of equipment development and maintenance ahead of time ensures the focus is on customer satisfaction. That is a win-win.

Each day, Paul and his team perform a wide range of critical analyses to optimize support strategies for customers of all sizes and product lines. Learn more about how ONEIL supports the complete product life cycle with Logistics Support Analysis and, as always, contact our product support experts with your questions. Chances are, we've answered them before.

Reflecting on 2018 and looking ahead to the new year

Happy new year from ONEIL! We worked hard in 2018 and had a little fun, too. Here's a look at some of the highlights, plus a sneak peek of what's on deck for the new year:

Hosting and attending events

Our team traveled coast to coast in 2018, from AUSA in Washington, D.C., to the Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing & R&D Summit in Pasadena, California, with plenty of stops in between. Why do we maintain a busy travel schedule year after year? As experts in the product support field, sharing industry insight with peers is an important part of the job. We're already looking forward to another full schedule of events in 2019.

In August, we hosted our first Breakfast Briefing in partnership with the Ohio Aerospace Institute. ONEIL President and CEO, Hernan Olivas, delivered Trends in Aerospace Product Support with industry experts, academia, and local government officials in attendance. AR/VR's role in end user consumption was a hot topic as guests were treated to a complimentary breakfast buffet and a valuable networking opportunity in our on-site workshop.

Receiving awards and certifications

Without question, one of the highlights of 2018 was earning ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system. This means more to us than just another accolade. The certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting internal infrastructure while providing our customers with the best-in-class information security standards they've come to expect from ONEIL.

Over the summer, we were pleased to be presented the "Exceptional Quality" Supplier Award at the Harris Supply Chain Conference. As ONEIL Director of Operations, Erik Shelton, said: "We've prided ourselves on superior strategic partnerships and delivering world-class quality to our customers for more than 70 years. This award is a clear indication of our continued commitment to excellence, to Harris, and to our nation's Warfighters."

Serving our community

Part of what makes us ONEIL is our commitment to helping our neighbors. In October, the Dayton Business Journal recognized us as a 2018 Community Supporter honoree during its Business of the Year Awards. It's easy to see why.

Earlier in the year, ONEIL's Helping Hands Committee (HHC) proudly awarded our largest-ever Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship to a Miamisburg High School senior. Named after our company founder, the scholarship is awarded each year to a local student who demonstrates strong community involvement and academic achievement.

And the HHC didn't stop there. Because of employee generosity, we made Christmas a little brighter in our neighborhood by providing gifts for 40 local children in need. It's a meaningful ONEIL tradition we absolutely expect to continue in 2019 and beyond.

What should our customers expect from us in the new year? Continued efficiency and agility. With construction of our AR/VR lab nearing completion, we'll continue to lead the product support industry with powerful solutions our customers rely on to make their mission-critical equipment safer to operate, easier to maintain, and faster to repair.

Here's to another year of successful events, community service efforts, and satisfied customers. Don't miss a thing in 2019. Subscribe to our newsletter for occasional ONEIL updates.

Under Construction: ONEIL's new AR/VR lab

Mockup design of ONEIL's completed AR/VR lab.

What's new at ONEIL's Miamisburg headquarters? Construction of the new AR/VR lab is officially underway as crews work to transform one of our conference centers into a state-of-the-art workshop for augmented and virtual reality product offerings.

Why did we choose to invest in the AR/VR lab? Simple. As experts in the product support field, we've spent the last 70 years providing our customers with the information they need, when--and how--they need it. AR/VR technology is a natural extension of that capability, offering the next-gen product support format an evolving workforce demands.

"The work we will perform in the AR/VR lab is a new avenue for getting useful information to people when they need it most. Ultimately, it will allow us to enable real-world use cases to demonstrate how our suite of solutions makes people safer, more productive, and more efficient." – Armando Monzon, Director of Software Development

It's easy to see how publications and training managers are benefiting from AR/VR technology:

Meeting new workforce demands: As baby boomers retire at an overwhelming rate, leaders are catching a younger, more tech-savvy labor force up to speed. The millennial workforce was raised on emerging technology in their classrooms and digital devices in their pockets, meaning they're well-accustomed to interactive learning tools. In fact, it's fair to say they expect it: 2016 research by Dell and Intel found 82% of millennials are influenced by workplace technology when deciding whether to accept a job in the first place.

Closing the knowledge gap: We already know interactive, self-paced training results in higher comprehension and steeper retention. Do all your technicians have sufficient training and material to support the maintenance and repair of mission-critical equipment? Do they have to gather information from multiple sources? Is work put on hold while they call in experts from other areas? AR/VR closes these costly knowledge gaps, providing better training and real-time troubleshooting for novice and veteran field techs alike.

Reducing risk: AR/VR simulations are a particularly helpful tool for modeling physically challenging tasks or dangerous environments. One use case: UPS leverages VR headsets to help delivery drivers identify road hazards in a controlled and hands-on approach. By removing risk factors from the teaching environment, learners get practical experience that will keep them safe on the job.

Curious to learn more about AR/VR and other ONEIL offerings? Check out this quick augmented reality video or get in touch with our experts.

Meet ONEIL’s new VP

ONEIL has named Chief Information Officer, Dave Stackhouse, as Vice President of the business, effective immediately.

Hernan Olivas, President and CEO, recently made the announcement, following the official adoption of the resolution from ONEIL's Board of Directors.

"So much of what we do today relies on technology. Dave understood this a long time ago and he made sure ONEIL was prepared to successfully transition to this environment. Today, all our services, solutions, and the operation of the organization depend on the technology infrastructure that Dave created. That has enabled Dave to develop institutional knowledge of the organization. This makes him the ideal candidate for VP," Olivas said.

Stackhouse, a Xenia, Ohio native, has been with the business since 1994. During his tenure with ONEIL, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives, including the design and implementation of the organization's first network. Additionally, Stackhouse led the company's pursuit of Information Security Management System specification ISO 27001, a key differentiator for the 70+ year old business. Working closely with cross-functional company infrastructure has afforded him familiarity with all areas of the business, including IT, HR, business development, and marketing initiatives.

In addition to his continued responsibilities as CIO, Stackhouse will extend beyond the technology space into developing and executing corporate-level objectives, including business support systems and the company's AR/VR initiative, which will serve aerospace, defense, and commercial customers.

View the press release on Markets Insider and keep up with ONEIL news and events on LinkedIn.

And the winner of ONEIL’s 2018 Robert J. Heilman Passion Fund Award is…

Congratulations, James Wells! ONEIL's Passion Fund Committee is pleased to present its 2018 Robert J. Heilman Passion Fund Award to James, who's worked in our technology group for more than 10 years.

Created in 2017, the Passion Fund serves to honor the legacy of ONEIL's late President, Bob Heilman, by providing a cash award to help fund the passion of one lucky ONEIL associate each year. With a warm demeanor and genuine care for others, Heilman was known for supporting his work "family" and encouraging their successes.

"We're proud to present James with the award, as his vision and dedication are exactly what the Passion Fund stands for. This is a great way to celebrate Bob Heilman's legacy," said Committee member John Stanley.

James was encouraged to apply for the Passion Fund by a co-worker who thought he'd be a great candidate for the award. With nearly 8 years of flying experience under his belt, he's currently working toward his goal of building a composite airplane, which he hopes to complete within 3 years. The $1,200 award monies will help him purchase parts and supplies for the next phase of his project: the fuselage.

And, true to ONEIL values, James has decided to "pay it forward" by donating a percentage of the money to others. He'll be contributing fuel funding to the Daks over Normandy organized paratrooper jump in June 2019, commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

James has one piece of advice for ONEIL associates who are considering applying for the 2019 Passion Fund Award: Just go for it!

Follow ONEIL from NOLA to Quantico this month

Each year, we travel to dozens of tradeshows, forums, and expositions- and we're certainly keeping the momentum this September. With several scheduled trips around the country, we're looking forward to joining our partners in aerospace, defense, and commercial markets at the events listed below:

September 10-13: S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day, New Orleans, LA Hosted by the Aerospace Industries Association and in partnership with the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and the ATA e-Business Program, the event focuses on putting S1000D into practice and to share experiences with an ever-expanding international Community of Practice. Attendees of the Forum will hear real use-cases and examples of successful strategies to pave the way for S1000D implementation.

September 12-14: Life Cycle Industry Days, Dayton, OH The overall LCID focus is on life cycle management across weapon system portfolios. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC) will lead discussions on USAF requirements, challenges, and topics of mutual interest to industry and government.

September 16-19: AREMA, Chicago, IL The AREMA (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association) Annual Conference and Exposition provides an excellent opportunity for members of the railway industry to increase their railroad knowledge, technical expertise, network and a forum for exchanging ideas.

September 17-19: Air Space Cyber Conference, National Harbor, MD As the nation's premier event for defense and aerospace professionals around the world, ASC brings together Air Force senior leaders and experts from government, industry, and academia. From engaging speakers and panels focused on airpower, space, and cyber developments to the technology exposition featuring the latest technology, equipment, and solutions for tomorrow's problems, the conference has something for everyone.

September 25-27: Modern Day Marine, Quantico, VA Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by Marine Corps Base, Quantico, the Exposition's home base. MCB Quantico, home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command, is responsible for setting requirements, developing equipment and systems and purchasing the equipment and systems that the Marine Corps will rely on in the years to come. These vital and unique functions play a large part in positioning Modern Day Marine as the premier military equipment, systems, services and technology exposition.

Will your team be attending any of these? Jot down the ONEIL booth numbers so we can connect at the event. Keep up with us on LinkedIn for updates, too!

ONEIL’s "Exceptional Quality" recognized at Harris Supply Chain Conference

In case you missed it on Business Insider, we recently visited the Harris Technology Center in beautiful Palm Bay, Florida, where we were presented the "Exceptional Quality" Supplier Award during the Harris Supply Chain Conference. ONEIL Director of Operations, Erik Shelton, shared his thoughts on behalf of the team:

"We're pleased to receive Harris' "Exceptional Quality" Supplier Award, as we've prided ourselves on superior strategic partnerships and delivering world class quality to our customers for more than 70 years. This award is a clear indication of our continued commitment to excellence, to Harris, and to our nation's Warfighters."

As Harris' strategic partner in the U.S. Army's Modernization of Enterprise Terminals (MET) Program's Integrated Logistics Support and Products, we proudly develop Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) to support our troops with the mission-critical tools they depend on in the field. The IETMs we produce allow the user to easily interact with complex information- anytime, anywhere- when expedience and accuracy matter most.

It's easy to see why we're an authority in this domain: nearly 40% of our team has prior military experience and intimate understanding of the tools needed for mission readiness. Also easy to see: we're receiving a growing number of IETM requests from our customers.

The MET Program also announced ONEIL has maintained a zero-defect record with the Program since 2012, stating ONEIL "has been a great partner supporting a number of product lines over the years. Their continued support has allowed PdM WESS to provide quality technical documentation and training to the SATCOM Community at large. They have always been open to and willing to implement improvements when identified to improve support to the Warfighter."

Congrats on a job well done to each of the ONEIL team members who contributed to this effort and who continue to provide exceptional quality to our customers each day.

Pictured left to right: Electronic Systems Supply Chain Senior Director Carrie Eubanks, ONEIL Program Manager Mike Grammer, ONEIL Director of Operations Erik Shelton, Electronic Systems Vice President of Operations Robert Kirsch.

From Dayton to Orlando, ONEIL has a busy summer ahead

We got our start in the Dayton region in 1947 and have been proud to call the area "home" ever since. While product support will always be our core business, we're also in the business of collaboration, which means we invest a lot of time into relationships old and new. Whether we're meeting with partners in the Dayton area or boarding a plane to Oklahoma, our customers know they can rely on us for unmatched service and support.

July 9-14: APSCON 2018, Louisville, KY APSCON (Advancing Public Safety Aviation Conference) sets the standard for excellence in public safety aviation. Presented by Airborne Public Safety Association (APSA), we're looking forward to conference sessions, exhibitions, and social events with our aerospace peers.

July 17-19: The Wright Dialogue with Industry Dayton, OH We're right at home in the Birthplace of Aviation! Hosted by DaytonDefense, this 3-day event offers comprehensive presentations, panels, and individual sessions related to aerospace research and development.

August 14-16: Tinker and the Primes, Midwest City, OK Over the past 12 years, Tinker and the Primes has developed a reputation for attracting hundreds of aerospace, defense, and government contracting businesses and organizations. Tinker and the Primes provides information, education, and access to business opportunities during this 3-day event.

August 15: UAS Midwest, Dayton, OH Back on our home turf, this year's UAS Midwest will assist with strategically supporting each of our goals towards enhancing this dynamic growth sector. The event includes networking, project updates, and industry research insights.

August 18-21: ACPC, Orlando, FL Dubbed "the most productive aviation conference worldwide," this conference provides both a professional and social agenda, giving each attendee the opportunity to develop relationships and gain insight to support everyday business decisions.

No matter where our travels take us, ONEIL's Dayton-based team is at its best when building relationships. Take a look at where we'll be in 2018 and let us know if you'd like us to make a pit stop in your neck of the woods. We'd love to grab a coffee and tell you how our product support solutions can solve your biggest pain points!

Join ONEIL in congratulating Miamisburg senior Bailey Cook!

The ONEIL team is proud to have awarded its largest-ever scholarship to local high school senior Bailey Cook. Presented at Miamisburg High School's Senior Awards Night, our own Troy Kaper awarded Bailey with the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship in the amount of $3,000.

"We are pleased to present Bailey with the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship, as we're confident she'll continue to succeed in her educational endeavors," said Kaper.

Named after our company founder, the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship is awarded each year to a local student who demonstrates community involvement and strong academic achievement, and is highly recommended by academic leaders. Selecting a winner from a pool of qualified applicants was a tough choice for ONEIL's Helping Hands Committee, who organizes the scholarship along with other community service initiatives.

"ONEIL is proud to serve the Miamisburg community. The Helping Hands Committee looks forward to upcoming initiatives as part of our mission to support our neighbors, including the continuation of this scholarship, as well as our Adopt-a-Family and Back to School Shoes programs," Kaper continued.

While Bailey hasn't yet decided which university she'll be attending, she intends to remain in Ohio and major in media arts. The ONEIL team wishes her all the best as she furthers her education!

We encourage students interested in applying for the Larry E. O'Neil Scholarship in 2019 to watch our blog and our Facebook page for details to come.

So, what's the big deal about ONEIL earning ISO 27001 certification?

The ONEIL team is proud to have earned ISO 27001 certification for our information security management system (ISMS). This is yet another point of celebration in our commitment to protecting internal infrastructure while providing customers with the best-in-class information security standards they've come to expect from ONEIL.

What is ISO 27001?
As an International Standard established by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 27001 sets forth a risk-based approach that focuses on adequate and proportionate security controls that protect information assets while instilling confidence in interested parties. Certified by Schellman & Company, LLC, the details of our ISMS certification are publicly available.

Why does this certification matter to ONEIL customers?
Information security has always been, and always will be, top-of-mind for ONEIL. Earning the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification for our ISMS is more than just another accolade for us. For our customers, this certification is a key differentiator when seeking low-risk partnership. For ONEIL, it further demonstrates the high bar we've set in serving sensitive industries such as technology, aerospace, and defense.

Yes, we set the bar.

ONEIL has had unparalleled commitment to our customers for more than 70 years. We'd love to share even more bragging rights with you! Contact us here or at 937-865-0800.