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Integrated Solutions

Ensemble® combines the best of everything that ONEIL has to offer in a flexible, tailored solution that meets your exact needs.Integrated Solutions

Because many of our clients have expressed growing needs for integrated solutions, ONEIL has begun to combine and improve our services so that we can bring you complete solutions. Being flexible and working to meet our clients needs has given rise to the ONeTOOL, EMS NG, EMSe, S1000D, and other services. Now you can take advantage of all ONEIL's experience and solutions through our Ensemble® solutions suite. Much like an orchestra brings a variety of instruments together to create music, Ensemble brings the best of everything we offer in a flexible, tailored, and integrated solution to meet your exact needs. With Ensemble, your documentation, cataloging, illustration, training, and product management can be integrated in perfect harmony.


The components of ONEIL's Ensemble environment not only work well with each other, but they are also open to rapid implementations of interoperability with your existing systems, such as:

  • ERP
  • Distribution
  • Order Entry
  • Warehouse
  • Warranty
  • Help Desk
  • Sales Support
  • and a variety of other systems


Because of our open standards-based architecture, ONEIL Ensemble's work flow management and open API layer can become the point of integration that allows you to bridge information from disparate systems to create the ultimate product support environment. The same modular structure that allows ease of implementation protects your investment in the future, as we can easily extend or replace individual modules without re-factoring the entire environment. Future-proof your investment with ONEIL Ensemble.Ensemble combines the best ONEIL offers in a rapidly deployable package.  Click to see how Ensemble can work for you!

Seamless Enterprise Integration

ONEIL applies a process-centric approach to our integrated product support solutions. Unlike many other providers, our solutions are centered onyour business needs and requirements with the adaptability to evolve and engage your future vision. We combine expertise, flexibility, and a standards-based architecture to yield a framework for consolidating our key components with processes and work flows that manage your entire product support life cycle.

This end-to-end approach capitalizes on the elements of managing, configuring, and presenting product support information specific to each client's need. By supporting your business needs and processes with proven technology from Ensemble, you are assured that cost-effective, on-target, and extensible solutions can be rapidly implemented. By using the common components within our Ensemble architecture over again, application-specific functionality can be delivered quickly to accommodate end-to-end product support solutions. Examples include: content creation, review, storage, management, and multiformat/media publishing.

Integrated Solutions Brochure

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