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Graphics Technology

An Exploded Parts Diagram. Click to see a larger version.Illustrating Excellence

Clear, easy-to-follow technical illustrations play an important role in your product support literature. Today's audience looks first to the illustration, then to the text. A good technical illustration can reduce critical repair times and costs, provided it holds the right information and effectively portrays the story. The illustrators at ONEIL team with the technical writers and parts catalogers to achieve accuracy and consistency between the visual and textual stories; whether in a stand-alone document or across many volumes of a manual set.

Our award-winning technical illustrators routinely produce all types of technical illustrations, including: animations (used in training, IETMs, and e-learning), interactive schematics (also known as "point-to-point") and intelligent illustration graphics that carry parts identification metadata from the engineering file through the illustration into the parts list.


A CAD Illustration.  Click on the truck image to view an enlarged version.These are an evolution from decades of experience in creating:

• exploded-view parts illustrations
• maintenance and repair illustrations
• operation illustrations
• cutaways
• phantom views
• schematic diagrams
• photo to line art conversions
• wiring diagrams
• color renderings


Because technical documentation is usually delivered concurrent with the product, our technical illustrators accept and expect a certain number of engineering changes as a part of the process. Whenever we can get engineering 3D CAD files from our customers, it shortens the graphics creation time and increases output options. Mitigation of impact actions, such as cut-off dates, is implemented whenever possible and practical. Our Technical Illustration Department maintains a library of common components and symbols that can be used time and again. As a result, we can prevent needless repetition of work and provide you with a more cost-efficient technical illustration package.


ONEIL employs many full-time technical illustrators in our home office in Miamisburg, Ohio and in our satellite offices. All of the illustrators on our team bring skill, talent and experience to the job. Rest assured that our illustration team will provide you with top-of-the-line technical illustrations to match your requirements.

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