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Provisioning and Parts Cataloging - O'Neil & Associates

Provisioning data helps determine spare parts, special tools, delivery schedules, future costs, and more.Provisioning Data

The equipment is down. The customer turns to your parts documentation. It’s a moment of truth. Will he or she quickly find the correct part number? Can you get the part delivered overnight? If you can't say yes to both, you risk losing a lot more than the order for the service part.


Accurate Parts Information is Vital

If your company is preparing to deliver your newest products or systems to government agencies or commercial customers, you need accurate parts publications. Those publications should include realistic spare parts forecasts based on the cost of components and failure rates. And, you may need to provide data and documentation to the government for their provisioning requirements.


Provisioning Requirements Statement

Provisioning is the process of determining and acquiring the range and quantity of spare and repair parts. It may include support and test equipment required to operate and maintain an end item for an initial period of service. The ONEIL Parts Cataloging and Provisioning Group has successfully supported hundreds of manufacturers of all sizes and product lines and has seen the benefits of the various methods these companies employ. The "lessons learned" from each new situation are applied to succeeding projects to ensure the most effective and comprehensive program for all clients.

A provisioning requirements statement is a document that lists all the specific provisioning requirements for a particular product or contract. The statement normally includes:

  • Instructions, such as the provisioning method to be used
  • The extent of provisioning data and documentation needed
  • Sample article requirements
  • The delivery schedule
  • Packaging and marking requirements for provisioned items
  • Requirements for provisioning screening


Provisioning Documentation

Provisioning documentation contains the data needed for the identification, selection, determination of initial requirements, and cataloging support items to be acquired. It includes things like provisioning lists and logistics support analysis summaries. Descriptive data, such as drawings and photographs, are referred to as "supplementary provisioning technical documentation".


Provisioning Capabilities of ONEIL

The capabilities and expertise of ONEIL specialists are based on the solid experience of producing provisioning documentation and parts catalogs for a variety of commercial companies (including those complying with ATA requirements) and all branches of the U.S. military. We have worked on smaller projects involving equipment with fewer than 100 line items, to large programs with over 100,000 line items. These programs include Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) manuals, Repair Parts and Special Tools Lists (RPSTLs), Work Package IPBs, ATA Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs), Class 3 through Class 5 Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs), and online/web-based (XML) formats.


Achieve A Higher Degree of Success with ONEIL

Using parts data from one source throughout the delivery spectrum is critical to the success and quality of a provisioning program. Through extensive experience of the provisioning process, our specialists have gained a thorough knowledge of the myriad of specifications and standards and have established an excellent rapport with numerous government agencies.  Because of our wide range of clients, we have experience with many military, transportation, and commercial specifications.

ONEIL has developed its own software to simplify the production of commercial and military provisioning documents.  By continually updating hardware and software and by mastering the latest state-of-the-art equipment, ONEIL personnel are able to anticipate our client's requirements. New avenues of technology are constantly researched to achieve higher degrees of success. Our goal is to produce and deliver world-class parts data on time and in a cost-effective manner.


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