Electronic Products QA Analyst
As Required
  • Deadlines/Schedules - The ability to complete job requirements on schedule, as well as the ability to communicate job status to management.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - The ability to process quality work within profitability goals.
  • Communication Skills - The ability to provide effective communication between all internal disciplines.
  • Interpersonal Skills - The ability to interact effectively with fellow associates.
  • Quality of Work - The ability to find and correct errors in electronic data while checking other associates work.
  • Technology Skills - The ability to stay aware of technology involved with the production of interactive electronic technical manuals or computer-based interactive training.
Position Objectives:

Interfaces with customer or Government representatives, as required, to determine QA/QC plan. Works closely with Program/Project Manager, interpreting contractual specifications as required. Performs edit of all client-bound data and material prior to shipping per QA/QC plan. Occasionally supervises efforts of editorial staff. Is proficient with a number of editing tools, including software, style guides, and restricted vocabulary systems. Is very knowledgeable with the production of interactive electronic technical manuals and computer-based interactive training. Designs special procedures to maximize editorial quality and writer productivity. Works at the direction of Manager of Customer and Quality Assurance. Travels by air or vehicle as required.


Bachelor or associate degree in English or equivalent experience. Minimum one (1) year experience editing complete, complex technical documents, and minimum three (3) years experience with QA/QC process of interactive electronic technical manuals.

Education and Experience:
  • Strong knowledge of grammar, style, and electronic format principles.
  • Ability to generate and execute electronic data testing plans.
  • Ability to apply statistical analysis techniques to create trending reports as required.
  • General knowledge of related fields, including illustrating, provisioning, and logistic support analysis.
  • Ability to apply cost-saving research techniques.
  • Ability to edit text using publications software.
  • Ability to assist in estimating the amount of time required to complete the interactive electronic technical manual QA/QC process.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with management and employees on an editorial basis.
  • Ability to establish interpersonal rapport with fellow associates.
  • Skilled at effectively working various projects simultaneously.
  • Ability to document/archive project details over long periods and to archive this data to aid in future related projects.
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision.
  • Other tasks as assigned by management, including proposal support and occasional involvement in operational imperatives.
Desired Skills: