Database Team Lead
As Required
  • Performance will be reviewed annually with emphasis on the successful management of the following variables:
  • Deadlines/Schedules - The ability to complete, or oversee the completion of, job requirements on schedule, as well as the ability to communicate job status to management, fellow associates, and the client.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - The ability to produce and oversee quality work within profitability goals.
  • Communication Skills - The ability to provide effective communication between the client and all internal disciplines.
  • Customer Satisfaction/Follow-Up - The ability to establish a rapport with the client that can potentially lead to increased sales.
  • Strategic Skills - The amount and quality of planning and proactive skills exhibited.
  • Team Building - The ability to raise and maintain morale through leadership and effective communication.
Position Objectives:

This position is to lead a database team where the Database Team Lead designs, implements, maintains, and releases production level database objects (stored procedures, triggers, tables, user defined functions, and indexes, etc.), performs complete database releases, supporting application modules, or scripts as defined by the software specifications and\or the business requirements agreed upon by the customer. The Database Team Lead will participate in design sessions with application engineers and works closely with systems analysts, who develop the business and software specifications for project objectives. The Database Team lead will also work closely with IT to support physical database administration including performance management; security, setup, installations, upgrades, patches, backup and recovery, space management, performance tuning and capacity planning. This position demands the highest level of quality, completeness, and innovation. Works at the direction of the Commercial Software Development Manager.


A minimum of 6-10 years of practical experience using MS SQL Server in a production environment. Experience participating in all phases of the software development life cycle (analysis, design, implementation, testing, debugging, documentation, release, and maintenance).

Education and Experience:
  • Ability to mentor, motivate, delegate tasks, and lead a database team
  • Experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining SQL Server 2005, or SQL 2008 R2 databases is a must
  • Lead and make design decisions to create simple, elegant and re-usable software components as a part of larger enterprise application framework
  • Leverages existing capabilities to reduce time, rework, and/or improve business value
  • Strong skills designing, developing, and maintaining Stored Procedures, Views, and Tables
  • Demonstrated skill in relational table design and applying optimized indexes
  • Highly Competent using Management Studio
  • Strong skills designing, developing, and maintaining SSIS packages is a major plus
  • Quality assurance of database development and administration
  • Solid knowledge at solving performance problems with Execution Plans, Database Tuning Advisor and SQL Profiler
  • Ability to create highly optimized stored procedures and T-SQL Scripts
  • Enjoys challenges and problem solving
  • Strong desire to be very good with details
  • Minimizes system downtime and ensures restoration of system and business activities
  • Experience migrating from SQL Server 2005 to 2008 R2 is a plus
  • Highly dependable and trustworthy to handle sensitive information
  • Confident to perform production level releases
  • Monitor, tune, and optimize database performance
  • Exposure to MS Access, MySQL, and Oracle is also a plus
  • Documents all development activities to accommodate future maintenance
  • Follows recommended practices for data protection and backup
  • Practical experience with C# .NET is a major plus
  • Experience with Red Gate SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare is a plus
  • Available for overtime per project requirements
  • Produces documentation or services in accordance to schedule
  • Continually refines or set standards and procedures for database development
Desired Skills: