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Flexible Business ModelFrom research and development to maintenance and repair, ONEIL has a support solution.

Our consumer and industrial clients rely on us to create timely, high-quality information to support their products. The spectrum of products we have supported over our sixty-plus years in the business extends from kitchen appliances to construction equipment, from lawn mowers to satellite communication systems. Without quality information, the task of product support becomes much more difficult – and much more expensive.

Regardless of your need, ONEIL can customize the proper balance of capacity, expertise, and technology to meet the need. Some customers have only needed our help getting through a difficult challenge, while others choose to outsource their publications effort to ONEIL and focus totally on their core business. ONEIL offers the following advantages to outsourcing your technical publications:

  • Access to a wealth of publication expertise and up-to-date industry knowledge
  • Access to our large staff of writers, editors, illustrators, and other documentation specialists, who can easily assist you during the “peaks and valleys” in your day-to-day operation
  • You can focus on your own job duties, knowing that your outsourced work is in the hands of reliable experts
  • You’ll get the efficiency of process improvements, workflow, and modern, technologically-appropriate software

A Path to the Future

When the time is right, we can customize your information with our integrated technology solutions, allowing you more high-value customer engagement, improved cycle time, and better first-time yields for the maintenance cycle. ONEIL will also efficiently manage translation, warranty, and help desk expenses, while projecting your business globally. We specialize in standards-based solutions and data structures that stand the test of time, and we scale our solutions to the ever-changing technology horizon. ONEIL will protect your data, making sure it is always yours to use as you need without any proprietary entanglements.

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